Snake Killing

In this instance I saw that I was in a garden and I was in a treehouse overlooking the garden talking to an unidentified person. There was some mention that the garden should not have any snakes in it.  As soon as the word snake came up I saw some movement in the grass below. The shadow of the movement revealed that it was indeed a snake. I identified the snake as being a rattle snake. The snake was enormous and I decided to get my gun to kill it. After I got my gun and loaded it up, I went into the garden and started to shoot the snake. I emptied the entire supply of bullets into the snake, but it did not die. I didn’t even know if the snake had been wounded. The gun was smoking because of the amount of bullets that was fired.

I was back inside the house which resembled the one that I used to live in when I was younger. The door leading to the garden was open and I was with an unidentified woman, and when she was going out the door to go into the garden; when she got outside the snake grabbed her leg.

My gun suddenly appeared in my hand, but there were no bullets in it; plus I didn’t have a chance to clean the gun after using it to shoot at the snake. I hope that the gun won’t malfunction. I had two special bullets that would surly kill the snake, but I couldn’t load it up in the gun. Each time I put the bullet in the gun, the gun disassembled.

The woman was screaming as the snake bit on her leg and was dragging her out of the house towards the tall grass in the garden. So I decided to use my dagger. I took it out and I cut off part of the snake in near its tail. But the snake acted like it didn’t feel that part of him was cut off and still was dragging the woman, in the garden. So I took the knife and stuck it in the snake at the base of its head. The knife pinned the snake down and I took out my gun and blew the snake’s head off. Pieces of the snake’s head was scattered everywhere.. 

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