I was in bed and girlfriend was on the other side of the bed preparing herself to lie down. I was lying on my side facing the opposite direction from her.  I kind of felt someone touching my side. I changed positions and was lying on my back. This is when I felt girlfriend next to me and she laid on top of me positioning herself to have sex. Before the sexual contact occurred she asked me something, I’m not clear what she asked but it was something that made me think twice about having sex with her at this point in time.

Then she turned her head to my right and started to scream. I said what the hell you are screaming for. She turned her head and started to scream louder. Then she got off from top of me and ran towards the door; I did not see where she went. But I did get a glimpse of a male figure standing and observing us. Then it occurred to me that the figure couldn’t possibly be here. Perhaps it is a spirit intruding. I quickly released to some energy and expelled him from the room through the windows.

 Once he was outside the room, he attempted to reenter the room. But the energy barrier was too great for him to penetrate to get back in. I could hear something that sounded like some type of air craft that I perceived was looking for him; a white light was beamed from the flying object and the man was transported away.

Just when I thought the room was cleared I heard someone walk in and tell me that she was sorry to hear about my father. She mentioned that being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I actually thought someone sent this person to me to tell my father was hospitalized.  I thanked her and told her to move on.

Then I detected three beings waiting in the room.  I don’t know what or who they were waiting for, They seemed to be elderly; I told them that they had to go and wait for whoever they were waiting for somewhere else.

Then it seemed that I woke up because I could see girlfriend was asleep; so what or who was that that climbed on top of me and why did it imitate girlfriend?  Perhaps it was a succubus that ran out of my presence screaming because I did not succumb to its tricky seduction attempt.   

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