In the government building where I was performing my duties as a government bureaucrat I was doing overtime covering the service window after hours around 7:30 pm. It was a long day and I was tired; and there was no activity. I didn’t notice that I put my head down; while my head was down I started to have this image that I was sitting down being interviewed by a Psychiatric Doctor. She was saying something and giving me a diagnosis. She said that my short sighted eyesight could be cured. She said that it was a simple procedure. She showed me an instrument that looked like an ice pick. Then she told me that the instrument would be put into my upper orbital eye socket and moved around and it should stimulate my eye sight to become 20/20.

I looked at the instrument and I recognized what she was describing was a Psychiatric procedure that used to be standard for the mentally ill. It was a lobotomy. I asked the Doctor if doing the procedure would affect the way I behave, and would it damage my brain. All she said was that it may alter my frontal lobo but gave no answer how it would affect my behavior. 

I told the Doctor that I do not consent to the procedure. But the Doctor told me that I was already being administered anesthesia. When she mentioned that I started to feel the effects of the anesthesia and was slowly losing consciousness.

 Before I lost consciousness I saw two workers that I supervise at my position as a supervising government bureaucrat. I asked one of them to help me, but she wasn’t receptive. Then I asked the other worker Ms. D who was receptive. I told her what the Doctor intended to do and that I did not give my consent. I asked her to make sure that the Doctor does not perform the lobotomy. Then the anesthesia took effect and I lost consciousness. I banged on my hand on the table and asked Ms. D to help me out.

Ms. D did what she could to prevent the Doctor from doing the lobotomy. Even though the anesthesia took effect I was still aware what was happening. It was just that I couldn’t move. The Doctor put a mask over my mouth and nose in preparation for the lobotomy; but thanks to Ms. D’s intervention the lobotomy did not take place. She brought the 3 government agency’s Police Officers that work in the gov’t building as the government bureaucrat’s protection and enforcement force. One of them was big and he put me on his shoulders and carried me out of the Doctor’s office.   

I said to myself, this guy is strong, I wonder if he knows he is he is carrying 278 pounds on his shoulders. The peace Officers took me to an elevator and I don’t know if the elevator was traveling up or down, all I know is that it came to a floor that looked like a garbage separating station. One of my shoes got caught in the rack…after that things were too distorted to make conscience sense. Then I was suddenly jolted back to the conscience state because someone came to the service window….

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