In this experience I was in the gov’t building where I earn the bread as a government bureaucrats; a new gov’t bureaucrat Manager position was created and some new gov’t bureaucrats were brought in the gov’t building. When I came to my area to work, I was told that the new Manger will be my unit’s Manger. When I went to my workstation, I found that some cases in the desk baskets that contained emergency requests from some of the gov’t clients were removed and the requests were put on top of the filing cabinet. This got me mad.

 I found out who was removing the baskets. It was the new government bureaucrats, so I went over to their workstation and confronted them. I gave them a piece of my mind and cussed them out for being unprofessional and told them if they needed baskets that they should go to the supply person and requisite them. Some of the new gov’t bureaucrats were shaken, they felt that they didn’t do anything wrong, even though they did. The new gov’t bureaucrats were older people.

Then I felt that my own actions were in- appropriate and may put me in hot water. So I changed directions and deescalated the confrontation. I decided to apologize and said that they may keep the baskets since I have some extra ones. I also made them be aware that I am the Union Delegate. Some of them didn’t believe this because of how I approached them in the first place. I figured that they may not want to come to me for any issues. So I told them who the other Delegate was and the Alternate Delegates were and told them they can go to any one of us.

Before I left the area I wanted to see if I reached some and I went to shake the hand of each of the new staff as a gesture; most of them shook my hand but there were some who did not. However deep down I don’t trust the new gov’t bureaucrats. Especially the ones who shook my hand because they may be the connivers; the ones who didn’t shake my hand I felt were genuine..    

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