I was at my second gig in the office browsing through the web; when I felt a sudden urge of relaxation coming over me; in the semi-conscious state of in between sleep /wake state. I heard a voice to my left from the chair next to my ruck sack. The person was a boy who asked me what time is it. I looked at my watch maybe it was 4: 45pm, but I found that I could not identify the exact time. However, I knew roughly what the time was. I just told the boy that it is 5:00 O’clock. I attempted to turn the chair around to get a look at the boy but all I saw was his left side of his body (arm and leg) it was as though something was preventing me to get a good look at him.

Then I felt someone at my rear and they pushed the chair around 180 degrees. I saw that there was a desk in its place. Then the chair was pushed towards the wall and when I hit the wall it was pulled back to the original position. Then the chair was pushed back towards the wall again, this time to the left. Directly in front of me there was a woman sitting in the desk chair and I was pushed directly into her. After I hit her, the chair was pulled backwards to the original position. Then I felt the person’s hand that was pushing the chair become larger and then I was being pushed for the third time. This time the push was done aggressively and faster right back into the woman. It was as though the collision was meant to cause some harm between me and the woman in the other chair. This made me come out of the in-between sleep and awake state when I perceived this was a reenactment of some sort of prior event and that the push killed someone.

It wasn’t too long before I started to drift back down to the in-between the sleep and wake state.

I heard the door rattle, and when I looked up I saw that there was some sort of picture on the wall, I could see my reflection in the plastic that was covering the picture. Then I saw a reflection of a figure of a woman behind me. I turned around to physically see her but the reflection revealed that the woman’s figure was evasive and she did not want me to physically see her; as if making her presence secret.  Yet I don’t know if she realized her outline can be seen in the reflection.

Then I heard some commotion outside, when I looked out the window I could see a man verbally abusing a boy who was out there playing soccer. He was telling the boy that he knew better that he should have his mask on. The boy was trying to tell the man that he did not have a filter for the mask. So I went into the closet and got a filter and gave it to the boy. Once that happened I felt my chair being pushed and I was being pushed into a woman. She had rather an athletic built for a woman, and she had very big teeth. The chair stopped as I was about to collide into her. The exchange between us was vague and I cannot consciously recall what was said. All I heard was that the boy who I gave the filter to was missing. It was believed he was kidnapped and all attempts to locate him failed….

© 2020 All Rights Reserved     

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