The old saying is “rank has its privileges;” and it is out of that old saying that one can understand that people are always jockeying to be the cream of the crop, the top dog, the alpha; in other words be the highest ranking person to reap all the awards and privileges that come with the position. Whether it is money, women, power, or just something to gloat about, whatever tickles your fancy?

 In this culture of competitiveness people are weeded out and ranked according to their abilities. Such as an athlete who participates in individual sports like boxing, track events etc. The individual who is the best holds the title is the Champion who is supposed to be the best and is challenged by others who want to be the king of the arena. Those who hope to challenge the Champion are ranked accordingly for the privilege to take on the Champion. The ranking implies that the challenger has the ability to defeat the ranking Champion.               

 There is a ranking system in the work place. The lowest rank is that of the common worker, the next rank up is the Supervisor/Foreman, followed by that middle- Manger, higher Manger is next; after that come the executive level, Vice-President, President. With each level, the responsibility becomes greater. The compensation becomes more; but since rank has its privileges when it comes to feeling the consequences of errors and mis- management, and corruption it is usually the lowest ranked people.

We need to understand that just because a person is ranked as the number one; it doesn’t mean that they are a leader. They may not have any charisma; may be clueless and have no common sense. But how does such a person attain the number one position? It is usually because others prop up that person. The others are the real leaders; they are the ones that make things happen, and the figure head the number one ranked person was installed by those others to do their bidding; the others who like to be low keyed and don’t want to reveal themselves.

Our world is filled with a lot of deception. The leaders pay homage and are in debt to others, but even though the leaders hold rank over these others that don’t have the power to challenge them. If they do build up the courage to challenge those that propped them up; then odds are that leader won’t live to see the outcome of his efforts.   

            Just who are these others? Well, that is another subject for another time….


  1. Also, people get to be in charge by clambering over the people below them.

    To be honest, I’ve never wanted to be a chief – I’ve always been happiest as one of the Indians, keeping my head down, doing my job (well) and then going home to spend the money on what I like to do!

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