Ice Platform

Had this funny dream; It started off when I felt like I was still a member of my National Guard unit, and we were on a field training exercise (FTX). Only the field was in the middle of the ocean. There was some sort of set up where a solid ice was some sort of platform. It was spaced out, not so far, each platform was within eye sight of each other.  The platform wasn’t big; it was just large enough for one person to be on top of it and work. It was no more than 10 feet in length and perhaps 6 feet in width. Like a raft it was bobbing up and down like it was dancing with the water waves. The only way someone could travel from platform to platform was by boat. 

A commander was in the boat traveling from one platform to the next checking on each of them. I was occupying one of the platforms. I got a feeling that the other platform was occupied by some of my fellow gov’t bureaucrats instead of by Soldiers. The commander in the boat going from one platform to the other looked and felt like Mr. H a managing government bureaucrat who works in the same gov’t building with me. 

Being on the open ocean on top of the floating ice platform felt scary and some of the female government bureaucrats were finding excuses to get Mr. H to take them on the boat and transport them to a ship where they could spend some relief time. This went on until it was night fall.

The platforms were not visible during the night, and it was scarier being on them in the dark night. Each platform had a pitched tent, but nobody was comfortable enough to even go inside the tent. One female government bureaucrat started to complain that it was her time of the month and that being in the ocean was causing her to bleed excessively. But this female bureaucrat was taken to the ship for relief at various times during the day; more than anyone else. There was a wide spread belief that she was lying about her bleeding excessively. 

I started to complain that I hardly asked to go to the ship for relief. That the female government bureaucrat always goes on the relief ship. The Managing government bureaucrat came to me and said something, we ended up arguing. He said he was coming back, and when he came back. I was getting in the boat and I lost my footing and fell into the ocean,  I was sinking down in the ocean water. Unable to swim up, my arms were up in the air hoping for someone to grab me. This never happened because as I sank further down into the ocean depths; this is when I woke up out of the sleep stage….

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  1. That reminds me of when I was on a ‘dry stone walling’ course in the very cold, winter Yorkshire Dales (where I come from) with a load of blokes. It got to dinnertime and all the men went off to the farm for a warm etc. but I just sat by the wall and ate my sandwiches and drank my flask. The guy running the course said he was really proud of me for being so tough when the guys were apparently so soft – I didn’t like to tell him I was absolutely frozen solid and really wanted to join them but was too ‘proud’!

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