Late Night Visit II

I came home during the late night around 2:00am; it took me a while to find a parking spot. After I entered my apartment; I went to the kitchen and made myself a snack and was on the computer catching up on my social media posts. I was going to write another article for the blog, but before I did that I decided to lie down and get some rest. It was around 3:00 am or 3:30 am. I left the light on in the adjacent room where my computer is located. The bedroom wasn’t completely dark because some of the light coming from the adjacent room.

I don’t know how much time went by when I heard the wind charm on the front door sound alerting me that someone is opening the door. Then I heard footsteps, it sounded like my son’s footsteps. My thoughts were that he is just coming back from his mother’s home that is located in upper Manhattan.

Then second thoughts followed with the question why he would ride the subway at this time of night. Then I heard a voice saying “you shouldn’t be surprised; because you used to ride the subway during the late night time a few years back.” I guess I was satisfied with that answer.

But then another thought came to me. I said to myself “I thought the subway was closed from 3am to 5 am for sanitizing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”  I don’t remember that the City announced that it resumed 24 hour service. An answer popped into my head, reminding me that the MTA provides shuttle buses during the hours when the Subway is closed for cleaning. I also was satisfied with that thought.

Then my bedroom door  was pushed open; the energy signature of whoever was opening the door felt like it was my son’s;  and when I glanced over and looked I could see the shadow outline of my son’s features.

He said something; the voice sounded like my son’s voice. I was in a semi sleep state and could only move my head, because the rest of my body was in paralysis. I found that I could talk, but in the semi sleep state I did not hear his question properly. So I asked “what?” he repeated what he said, but I still didn’t hear it clearly, so I asked again, “what?”

Then I heard him clearly the third time around. He said that he was prescribed anti-psychosis medication by his Therapist’s office. Then I asked, are you psychotic? Then my Son said no, it is because of his phobia. My son has a phobia of cockroaches (the big ones) at the same time he answered my question I heard the cat come into the room and jumped on the bed.

 My Son added that he was given the prescription to help him control his fear when he sleeps with a cockroach. When he said that, I visualized him putting a small cock roach in his bed and I said, why would you sleep with a cockroach in your bed?

My Son answered that his Therapist suggested that he do it to help him get over his fear of cockroaches. I told him don’t do it, I said it’s not a good idea. Because once you put one cockroach in your bed, others will follow and it will be a hard time getting rid of them. It is the reason why I told you not to eat in your room because it will attract cockroaches.

My thoughts were that I should speak to his Therapist about this.  Then I told my Son to get the cat out of my room and close the door; before he did that, he asked if I could pick up the medication today, and I said OK, I’ll get it. Then he got the cat out my room and closed the door.  

After he closed the door, I heard some type of bug flying; I was still in paralysis, but I knew that if I couldn’t move my physical arm, I could move my para arm. With that thought my right para arm caught the fly as it flew past my head.

The fly felt rough; I crushed it with my para arm. It felt unusual; like a big nasty blue fly; the ones that you would see in the woods. When I opened my para fingers, the fly looked like a big wasp. The stinger was not lodged in my para palm, but it was crushed and looked nasty. I discarded it.  

Then I saw that there were smaller flies flying around and I felt the need to contain them. I turned my head looked to my right where the windows were; I saw palm trees. I said to myself, where are the curtains? When I looked again, I saw the curtains, and when I looked a third time, I saw the palm trees again.

Then I turned my attention to the flies, I saw their nest and I started to seal them in their nest. Some sort of energy beam was coming out of the chakras from my para hands sealing the flies in their nest. When that was all done, I saw that the palm trees were no longer present.

Then my thoughts went back to my son; I was concerned about him getting anti-psychotic medication. That there is no way I’d let him put a cockroach in his bed. I wondered if he already did it; I was prepared to throw out his mattress. The mattress cover was an expensive one, but I guess I would have to get another one.

 Then I wondered if my insurance would cover the medication and that he might have aged out from my insurance, and that anti-psychotic medication is expensive if I had to come out of pocket. 

I got ideas that if my son has aged out of my insurance plan, I would have to get him to put in an application for medicaid, or I can just take him to the emergency room at Kings County Hospital and get a supply of medication. Then I decided not to waste any more mental energy on this issue and that I’ll deal with it later on.

It was 6:30 am when I got up and out of bed; I walked over to my bedroom door and found that it was not disturbed. The latch was still hinged and in place telling me that nobody touched the door.

When I went to my Son’s room, I saw that his room door was closed; he normally sleeps with the room door open. I said to myself perhaps the cat was disturbing him so he closed the door. 

When I opened my Son’s room door, I saw that he wasn’t there. That he did not return from his Mother’s home last night.

So now I know perhaps there was an attempt of an extra physical intruder to intrude on me, but it may not have worked because even though the body was paralyzed I did not have any fear. But why did I detect my son’s energy signature, as well as hearing his voice and seeing his outline.  Why did I detect the cat’s energy signature? Surly the intruding entity knew that I would not be in a state of fear. Or did it have another motive? I suppose the stronger I become mentally  the more deceptive the intruders become.

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