In this experience I was not a participant, I was an observer; some of the imaged were a bit disturbing concerning the outcome of when a living person’s interaction with a bunch of zombies, but the only recollection that made conscious sense is the following.

 I saw a woman and her baby holed up in a house; there were hoard of zombies massing outside the house; but there were some people in the street evading the zombies. The people saw the house and decide to take refuge inside. Once they managed to get inside the house the woman with the baby saw them and did not trust them so she took the baby and climbed up a tree outside the house to hide.

The zombies that were chasing the people managed to get inside the house and when they were in a fight started between them and the people inside. I could see that each person was armed with some sort of weapon where they would aim it at a zombie’s head and like a spear it would lodge into the zombie’s head. The people got out of the house and the zombies left when they left.

The woman with the baby came out of the tree and back into the house, and then she went back to her hiding place. But two people who were with the group that left came back to the house hours later. After that I didn’t see the woman and her baby again.

The two people that came back to the house started to explore what was in the house. Then they saw that zombies detected their presence and were coming in after them. The two people jumped in the big room, and attempted to close the doors. It was only a matter of time before the zombies will mass and over run the house and break down the door.

While the zombies were massing one of the two people saw that there was a hidden passage leading out of the room. They both went in the hidden passage way as the zombies broke into the large room. They closed the door to the hidden passage way. They followed the passage way which led to a secret room. In the secret room they found that there was an entrance to a tunnel that went under the house. To escape the house they went in the tunnel. It seemed like it was endless, but they kept on going until they saw a light shining from above.

They went to where the light was and found that the light came from a drain. They went up and pushed open the grill covering. They saw that they were on the outskirts of the property. This is when they made their escape from the mass of zombies that was massed on the property.

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