Surgical Procedure

This one was another dream that I was undergoing some sort of surgical procedure; strange that this has been a recurring theme that pops up from time to time.

It all started out when I had feelings that I was due to have some sort of operation; it was a follow up to the one I had earlier. Some modifications were supposed to have been done.

In the earlier operation, there was some sort of frame that was installed around my chest. Now the modification was supposed to remove it. I found that I was wearing a surgical gown and was walking to the operation room.  

There was some discussion with the surgical team; and it had something to do with the competency of the surgeon. I was told of the procedure, that they were going to make an incision in my back, and from there they can access the frame and do whatever they needed to do.

Then there was some talk about the expense of the operation; that it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Then I heard a sarcastic remark that the anesthesia will only cost two thousand dollars out of pocket. After that I was put under anesthesia that put me between sleep and awake state; so, I don’t know the outcome of the operation, because I had no awareness because of the anesthesia.

After the operation was over, there was something concerning the follow up. A surgical team was visiting me while I was staying at a recovery house, but it seems that I was not cooperating with them. There was someone else who had a similar operation living on the floor above me, the team went up to visit him…after that the other details of this dream became too distorted to make any conscious sense out of it.

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