This was one of those dreams that made absolutely no sense to me. I could not find a correlation of things. Or is it that I am poor at interpreting dreams. I mean the association between the past, present are there. But I don’t see how one scenery had to do with the other. If anyone does, help me out I’ll appreciate it.  

I was in a classroom and the class was getting ready to finish, and we (students) were to go to the next class. I took my book bag and went into the next classroom and put it on the desk’s chair. Then I left the classroom and went out of the school building to go to the corner store to buy some candy.

The corner store resembled the bodega that is on the corner of the gov’t office where I do duties as a gov’t bureaucrat; only it was the gov’t office building where I started my gov’t bureaucrat career. When I got into the bodega, the layout was different. I also saw the owners were different.

I saw that there was a line waiting to pay for their stuff, but the line was moving fast. I was looking around for some candy. But I found that the selection of candy was limited by the new owners. I saw chocolate, Twix, and Mars bars, but not the type of candy I was looking for. I went up to the back counter to tell the new owner that he doesn’t have enough candy. The owner said, “I didn’t put out everything.” Then he went into the back and brought out a jar. Inside the jar it looked like there were little blue candy sweets. But when I looked further, I saw that the blue object was not sweets, but little candles. The man must have thought I said “candles, instead of candy.”

I decided that there was nothing for me in the store, so I quickly sprinted out of the store and ran back into the school building.

The next scene, I was hanging out with a couple of people in front of a garage space. We were sitting on motorcycles, only we did not own them. The owners parked the motorcycles, but since we were hanging out in front of the garage, we decided to sit on the motorcycles.

 I asked a friend if he knows how to ride the motorcycle, one of them did, the other one did not know. I told them about the motorcycle safety course that teaches people how to ride a motorcycle that is being taught on a military reservation post. I said, I’m going to take the course. The next thing I saw was  that I was operating a motorcycle. I drove it to the block where I lived. I parked the motorcycle around the corner and put it where it was originally parked.

Then as I was walking back around the corner to go onto the block where I live on; I had my school bag (knapsack) on my back. There were two females walking around with political flyers. They came up to me and asked me if I would like to support their cause. They showed me some of the propaganda pamphlets; all I did was contemplate whether I should tell them if I supported their cause.

I never gave them an answer, I was just walking away; when two additional people appeared, and as I was walking away towards my building, the two additional people were walking behind me and drawing on my book bag. The two women with the flyers were  kind of walking with me uttering and pestering me to make a decision about joining their cause.

When I got to my building, I saw some sort of object was in front of it. Something to do with the post office mail. The object was cordoned off and no parking signs were put up so that no cars can parked on the left and right side of this object.

I was standing in front of my building where I live, and I was looking at the object. I didn’t particularly like it, especially since it is taking up parking space. So, I spat at it and was going to piss on it; but the postal truck came, and I backed off, I hope the Postman doesn’t think I was disrespecting him.

The Postman did not say anything, he just opened the object and was taking the mail out. After he got the mail, he closed it and left.  I saw a gov’t black SUV with dark tint windows pull up and gov’t agents came out. At the same time the two females and their supporters came to do some sort of protest.

The protestors looked hostile and were coming for me and the gov’t agents. I was looking for my keys to open the door so that we can get into the safety of the building. I was fumbling and could not find the keys to open the front door.

I finally found a key I didn’t recognize; I believe that it must be the right key. I put the key in the lock, but it was tight; however, it worked, and it unlocked the door. The funny thing is that the door’s lock was on the left side of the double doors, and instead of opening in the middle, it opened on the left.

Protestors filled the streets, rioting, but for some reason they did not attempt to break in my building. The gov’t agents said that a high gov’t official is supposed to come on the block. That they want him to be allowed to seek refuge in the building. I agreed to let him in when he comes.

After a few minutes, the gov’t official came, and he was let in the building. As the building door opened; the atmosphere outside was like it was on fire with the protestors shouting. When the door was being to let in the gov’t official. I had a camera and took a picture of the people protesting and the reddish orange environment…..  

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  1. Well it sounds like it was definitely prompted by all the pro-Trump demonstrating going on at the moment but, what it all means, no idea. Sounds very jumbled up like all my dreams have been this year since I’ve been under much more stress. I think that when I’m asleep is the only time my mind has time to unravel… and unravel it does! every night!

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