True_George on roof of one of Saddam’s Palaces

The thoughts on the day’s word, “operation,” on Fandango’s One word challenge, only brings up ideas of organized military actions.

As most who regularly visit the True_George site knows that True_George, was involved in organized military efforts, done at the behest of the wonderful United States government. Those two operations were Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

Operation Noble Eagle was something like a working vacation; in fact it was the ideal life that I would have lived forever. Talk about having all needs met, like three square meals, rent free housing, and more than a living wage. Recreational perks, and an actual supply of women to choose from. No need to go further; I wrote about this during the early days of this site. Check it out by clicking here.  

Then there was Operation Iraqi Freedom II, which happen shortly after the mission when Operation Noble Eagle ended.

Operation Iraqi Freedom was a completely different animal; one could say it was the “nitty gritty” when it comes to what the military is all about. After an impressive full-scale invasion, the world witnessed the fall of modern day Iraq, city by city. But when it was all over, and the invasion turned into an occupation, it was where the United States success, turned into a semi-failure.

One could pin the responsibility of this semi-failure on the shoulders of the United States Government. Washington made a lot of mistakes in the appointment of the Vice-Roy, troop levels and appointment of the Commander of the coalition ground forces. Without intervening to resolve the disunity between the Vice-Roy and Coalition Commander.  As well as allowing an insurgency group to escape eradication, not once but twice. Set up troops for failure.

The biggest scandal in Operation Iraqi Freedom II was the Abu Ghraib incident. The blatant abuse of detainees and the failure of the military to hold the senior leadership accountable for the actions of low-level Soldiers and contractors. Instead, those low-level Soldiers were rooted out and made the fall guys for higher level senior officers.

Even when True_George communicated with friends and family while in Iraq, they were more concerned about Iraqis being tortured and abused then Soldiers being ambushed and killed. True_George was told that the Abu Ghraib incident dominated the news.

All this war business is tired-some; it was one of the reasons why True_George did not sign on, to go to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, when the unit’s mission in Iraq was completed.

Anyway, you can check out some of True_George’s experience in Operation Iraqi Freedom II by clicking here.


    • Yeah, the Iraqis have their fair share of torturing themselves; but the world pays more attention if America practice torturing. The strong over the weak, plus the high and mighty stance on lecturing other nations on human on human abuse..


      • Their methods of torture put everyone else totally in the shade – America’s couldn’t be called torture compared to their methods. I think the Americans were possibly only practicing ‘mental torture’ anyway from what I read – and I thought that was fair enough when you consider the things they’d have seen being done to their comrades!


        • The Americans were doing both. It was but Mercenaries under contract with Security companies, CIA operatives, Psychologists and Psychiatrist.
          Methods were carried out at Abu Gharib and Guantanamo Bay.
          At Abu Gharib the contractors would ask the Guards to soften up someone because they are to be interrogated. The Guards would beat up the detainee, put them in stress positions, sic military working dogs on them. Then in the morning the detainee would be subjected to psychological abuse in the interrogating room.
          Overall the psychological abuse failed and detainees wasn’t broken because America was inexperience doing this stuff.
          It was a big thing when the American Psychology Association found out what some member Psychologists were doing. There was a big demonstration in Washington,
          When I was running the a chat group on Yahoo, this was a popular topic. Perhaps I’ll use my notes and write a piece on it….

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