Wendy Williams: The Movie


   A biography movie was made about the Queen of gossip Wendy Williams. The iconic personality and self-professed objective hater, STAR (Strange Thoughts and Revelations) has given us his review of the movie.

Now before we get into this; STAR personally knows Wendy Williams and her ex-Husband Kevin Hunter. He calls Hunter a grimy Brooklyn ni**er, and he actually had some type of business dealings with him, they were supposed to do a business venture before the pandemic hit.

STAR asked his trollers, did the Breakfast Club host, Charlemagne Tha God send Wendy Williams a cease-and-desist letter to prevent her from mentioning his name? You see, Charlemagne had a stint as Wendy Williams co-host on her radio show. Perhaps he has a guilty conscience about something and wants to keep it quiet. But STAR admits that he fell asleep during the part of the movie that featured Charlemagne. STAR, is not sure if Charlemagne had a speaking part, all he remembered is that Charlemagne was sitting there with a baseball hat on, and Wendy Williams saying something to him; but he didn’t say anything to her.

But, he did mention that he had it on good authority that Charlemagne did send the cable network the cease-and -desist letter. STAR speculates maybe it had something to do with the allegations of rape against Charlemagne that took place a few years back in his hometown in South Carolina.

The movie itself was produced by Wendy Williams company Front Street Pictures; and was directed by Darren Grant, well known for directing music videos who started directing films beginning with Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

STAR gives props to the Actress Ciera Payton, who played the role of Wendy Williams. STAR says Payton’s idiosyncrasies, laugh, and mannerism were so similar to Wendy’s that whoever did the casting, made the perfect choice.

As far as the ex-Husband Kevin Hunter is concerned, STAR mentioned that he has known him for at least twenty years. That during those years, STAR has never seen Hunter doing cocaine. STAR wanted to clear the air, letting us know that Williams has admitted doing cocaine, and smoking crack.

STAR posed a thought-provoking question; did Hunter get tired of dealing with Williams drug addiction. As you know, dealing with a family member on drugs is draining. The addict is living in a dream world, they are up all hours of the night, they hallucinate and there is always some type of drama going on.

Wendy Williams herself, took a lot of chances in the world of urban media. STAR points out that he and Williams had a similar background, born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. The movie portrayed Wendy as being scared.

STAR talked about instances when the girls from the group Total was outside the radio station (hot 97) building, he talks about some bulling that took place. STAR stated that he isn’t going to say that Wendy was a bully but said that she was with the shits.

Her ex-Husband was in the mix, protecting Wendy from goons that she didn’t see; but overall, Wendy wanted all the smoke, on the microphone and in real life. She is a tall woman and can be intimidating. She wasn’t afraid to tell someone to come down and meet her outside to fight.

STAR even gave an example of how Wendy gets, he said that he was in a club and saw Wendy pointing her finger in a Rapper’s face and calling him a pussy, and other names.

Other then speaking about his personal experience with Wendy, and some background information of how the incidents portrayed in the movie took place, STAR never gave a rating,

He only points out that the movie paints Wendy as a victim. STAR says Wendy was never a victim.


  1. Hello True George,

    Shortly before you posted this I happened to see a thumbnail for this movie on a streaming video website, I did not know about it until then, I watched the trailer; and maybe the next day or so you made this post.

    I do not know much about Wendy Williams other than seeing a few clips of her show & seeing her in the news sometimes.


    • Wendy is one of those figures in the hip hop culture.
      The radio personalities of the 90’s that pioneered and paved the way of how radio and many you tubers and pod casters host their shows are based on the work of Howard Stern, STAR and Wendy Williams.
      Presently Stern moved to satellite radio; STAR is on you tube and Wendy Williams has her show on T.V.
      Listen to STAR’s review that I posted, he sheds more light on Wendy. He knows her personally…


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