During the late night, I came in from the second gig; and after refreshing up laid down.  I did not turn off the light in the adjacent room, and left the bedroom door half open; so the bedroom was not pitched dark, because the light from the adjacent room made it semi-dark.  

When I laid down, it wasn’t long before I found that I was in the dream state. In fact, I felt that I went into the dream state quickly.

I pulled the blanket over my head, my eyes were open and once the blanket was over my head, I couldn’t see anything, but the shade of grey; because of the light shining through the door from the adjacent room.

Then the next thing I knew, I had the ability to see through the blanket. It was like the blanket was pulled from my face. I couldn’t believe it, so I closed my eyes, and opened it again. I couldn’t see anything because the blanket was pulled over my face.

Suddenly, I was able to see through the blanket. I said to myself, wow, it’s like having the ability to see through my eyelids during an out of body experience.

What happened next is kind of vague; it was concerning communicating with a being that I perceived to be a woman, and something to do with receiving an answer to some sort of a question.

What stood out vividly, was that someone was to be hanged. I looked to my left side where I have drapes that separates my bedroom in half. The drapes were open, which allowed the light from the adjacent room, to come through to the second half of the bedroom.

I saw a figure, he was on top of the drapes, and below the drape rod. He turned his head to the right. I could see a picture carved on his left cheek. It was a picture of a man hanged on a gallows.

 You know, if you’ve ever played the game “hangman,” where you ask a question and give clues to the solution to a puzzle. Each time the answer is wrong, you draw parts of a gallows; you would have to guess the solution to the puzzle before drawing the stick man hanging from the gallows.

Well, that picture of the stick man hanging from the gallows was carved in the man’s cheek. Then the man turned his head back straight and let go of the drape’s rod. When he did that, I saw him drop down, but, he never hit the ground, because he had a short rope around his neck. The man’s neck snapped, and he was hanged by the neck, swinging on the short rope tied around the drape’s rod.

I found this to be strange, and surprising. Then I turned my head looking straight up I saw that I could still see through the blanket. Then there was a shade of grey, as though the blanket is covering my face.

 I felt a chill, I don’t think the heat was coming up, but still, why would I feel a chill if I was covered by the blanket. I got the idea that I should get the heavy blanket. I roused myself out of the dream state, to go get the heavy blanket.

To my surprise, I found that I was on top of the blanket, that I didn’t cover myself with the blanket. I could have sworn, that I covered myself with the blanket, not laid on top of it.

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  1. I woke up one night on top of my bed the wrong way round – I assume that was my one and only time of sleepwalking…

    I used to play Hangman all the time with my friend Richard on our trips away – we played ‘Mountain Hangman’ where the clues were always mountains. I always won as I know the mountains so well and could get them by the time I had 2 letters! Poor Richard often got hung!

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