Walking Dead

The scene of this one started out with me in a setting that looked like my apartment; I was kind of upset because my girlfriend allowed two zombies into the house. Even though the zombies displayed that they had some sort of intelligence, I did not want them to be in the house because they were zombies and at the end of the day, zombies will still want to kill you and eat your brains.

One of the zombies was my girlfriend’s friend, and the other zombie was my son’s playmate. I got mad, and I grabbed my girlfriend’s zombie friend, and beat her up over the protests of my girlfriend. After I beat up my girlfriend’s zombie friend, I picked her up and opened the front door and threw her out. Then I went and got my son’s zombie playmate, and beat him up and picked him up and threw him out of the house. Then I slammed and locked the door.

The door looked like the door of a fortress, it had 3 sophisticated locks on it. Outside in the street there were a lot of zombies walking around. The setting was distorted, either the street was infested with zombies, or zombies were interacting with regular people.

My girlfriend and son started to argue with me, they didn’t like what I did; I told them that they need to be careful of zombies; that zombies only befriend you then they will turn on you, either eat your brains or turn you into one of them.  I told them under no circumstances that they should let any zombie in the house.

I was also a Soldier in some sort of a zombie hunting unit. My mission is to get rid of zombies, so all I do is hunt and kill zombies. On a particular moment I went to the unit headquarters to get some type of training. When I came back home from the training after a couple of days, I found that the house door was wide open. When I went inside, I saw a group of zombies.

I went into hunter mode and started beating up the zombies and kill them one by one. Then I found that my girlfriend and son were turned into zombies, and now they have the zombie mentality. They were fighting against me with the group of zombies. So I killed them, along with the other zombies.

More zombies started to pour into the house, and before I get overwhelmed, I jumped out the back window and escaped, but not before I got bitten on my fingers on my left hand.

I made it to my unit headquarters where I was treated before being infected with the zombie bacteria.

After that, the whole zombie unit went out and hunted down the horde of zombies responsible for the attack on my house. Any zombie that was in their way were killed, then burned.

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