Stray Animal Spirit

Coming in from the second gig for the night and taking off my clothes and showering. I sat down to relax, when I discovered that I forgot my cell phone in the car. I would have left it there until daylight. But I need it to sign into do my government agency remote computer desktop to do my gov’t bureaucratic duties.

I put back on my outer garments and went outside in the bitter cold to get the cell phone out of the car. When I came back, I did a little work on the computer, fed the cat and called it a night.

The lights were off, but the room didn’t appear to be really dark; more like a grayish dark. As I was laying there, I heard something,

My thoughts were, dam, the cat got in the room. I felt something jumped on my bed and it came by my arm. I grabbed it; indeed, it felt like a cat, but this cat was too small to be my cat.

My thoughts were that animals also have a spiritual body; I wonder if it was one of the cats, that I used to have that passed on, and is now visiting. Or maybe it is a stray cat spirit that needs help to cross over. Well, even if it was one of my prior cats, the spirt needs to cross over.

So I decided to use my palm chakras to exteriorized some energy to help the spirit. I haven’t done it in a while, I wonder how strong the energy will be. To help the animal spirit, I built up the energy, and after a couple of minutes, not sure how long, but it wasn’t long; the energy flowed, and the spirit disappeared.

But then  another animal spirit appeared, rubbing it’s head on my armpit. It felt like another cat, so I did the same thing and held the spirit and it disappeared. Then I felt another animal spirit, this time, it felt like a dog. After I help that one cross over, a couple more animals, sort of lined up and took their turn. Perhaps, a helper brought them here.

Afterwards, when there were no more animal spirits, I felt the presence of some other beings. An old lady, and maybe two others that were related to her. The communication was something like, one of them knew that they physically passed away; but the others did not know. The one was attempting to convince the two that they physically passed away.

I know that there is a grand scheme of things, but in this instance, how do I fit into it. The one who was aware he physically passed away, got one of them to realize it by showing them their reflection in the mirror. The old woman was clueless, but she came around when she realized that she could not see her light reflected in the mirror. I even heard the words, that it can only happen when you are dead.  Light cannot revolve around you, not even infer red light.

After she realized that she passed on; my thoughts were that tomorrow I should use some sage to cleanse the environment. I don’t need to have some spirit linger on and start to cause havoc because it doesn’t get the attention it seeks.

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