I was watching a clip of a classic performance done by Cab Colloway and his Orchestra, featuring a dance routine by the Nicholas Brothers.  The clip from the movie Stormy weather. The dance routine was not rehearsed or scripted and it was done in one take. It is one of the greatest musical performance that Hollywood ever made. Even the famed Dancer Fred Astaire admitted it was one of the greatest he’d seen.

 One would think that the mainstream Hollywood would have rated it as it should have been rated. But, Hollywood, being a typical American institution that embraced institutional racism, among other things, will never admit it.   

Anyway, while watching the clip, my head kind of went down, maybe because I might have been low on energy. Once my head went down, it wasn’t long before I went into the dream state.

 I could still hear Colloway singing his hit song “Jumping Jive,” and at the same time I started to see images in my head that was from that time era. Strange, maybe it was past memories emerging, but who knows, I need to evaluate it.  

The image stopped with me observing myself in a garage, I was wearing a suit, and there were  two men standing on the left and right of me, they were also was wearing suits.

A car pulled into the garage, then the passenger door was opened. Another man wearing a suit was standing in the background, he came fourth with wire, then he slipped the wire around the throat of the person who opened the car door, and strangled him.

Pulling the body from the car and opening the rear door and stepping in the rear seat of the car, still with the wire around the strangled man’s throat pulling the body in the back seat with him.

It kind of looked like a modified version of how the Godfather’s Daughter’s Husband was murdered in the final scene of the Godfather. Except for it didn’t happen in the car, and the victim was dragged from outside the car to inside of it. That the Gangsters were black and I was one of them during the 1940’s. I bet the place where this event took place was Chicago.   

This experience was brief, it didn’t last longer than the film clip. Less the five minutes. It is amazing that the perception of time seems longer.

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