An unidentified figure, who I perceived as a friend and myself, went to visit someone that we know. We entered the friend’s apartment building. When we entered the apartment, it looked like the apartment was run down. There was a maintenance issue; something to do with a blocked pipe.

The unidentified figure who is perceived as a friend got mad and was going to do something to piss off the Landlord.  He got some sort of chemical and poured it down the toilet bowel. The toilet wasn’t working anyway, but the friend hoped that he chemical will disrupt the entire water line system.

After the chemical was poured down the pipe, to everyone’s surprise, instead of  blocking up the entire water pipe system. The chemicals cleared it up and improved the water flow.

Then the scene shifted to that of somebody else’s apartment. It was a woman’s apartment. The woman and her friend were sitting on the floor playing some sort of board game. I came in and took off my leather jacket and put it on the couch.

The woman told me to be careful because the couch is full of bugs. It is the reason why they are sitting on the floor instead of sitting round the table. I wasn’t happy that my jacket was now ruined. There was another room where there wasn’t as many bugs. I went into that room but didn’t stay long because I was the only one in the room. The living room was a bit warmer and there were activities taking place in the living room.

I made a suggestion to the woman, I said, “why don’t you use the bug spray to get rid of the bugs.” The woman said, she didn’t know how to use it. She took me to the kitchen where the cans of spray were. She said she read the instructions, and still doesn’t know how to use it. I asked her to let me take a look at the cans.

The cans wasn’t the usual bug spray, it was one of those fog bombers. You put the spray in the middle of the floor and press the button and it will spray an abundance of anti-bug liquid in the air, at a fast rate, bombing the area.

Two more figures entered the setting. They agreed that the cans should be used. One of them knows how to use it, and he decided to help me set them up.

We set them up in the living room and pressed the button on the cans and the bombing process took place. Then one of the cans malfunctioned and had to be discarded.

But overall, the bombing process went well. The apartment was cleared of the bugs. Then the two figures that popped up mentioned that now everything is cleared they can get married.

But the two figures were males, so the two males just came out the closet. I said to the woman, I knew you were gay, but I didn’t know your friends were gay too.

The woman responded “gay, am I” she didn’t admit it, or deny it. Then one of the two gay males  said that “you thought she was gay, but you treated her well, I’m going to report that you did not discriminate against her and treated her like a person.”

My thoughts were, what’s going on? Is there a mafia, or commission? Then the scene shifted to that of an outside environment.  It was an island and there were military personal around.

It looked like the island was just retaken by superior forces and that Prisoners were taken. It was like a scene from the series “The Crown.” Where it showed the British forces that took back the Falkland Islands and had the Argentina prisoners, the ones that kicked off the war by taken over the British fort.

They were tied up, and one of the Soldiers pointed to one of the prisoners and said set him free because he helped us. After that person was set free. The other prisoners were shot in the head.   

The prisoner that was set free went back to his base, but unknown to him a bomb was planted on him. Once he was back at his base; the bomb was detonated and destroyed the base.

I was kind of flabbergasted that the Soldier insisted that the prisoner be set free. I bet he had a hand in planting the bomb on the Prisoner. I said, why did you have to kill someone that saved your life?

The Soldier answered, “you just can’t trust anyone.” I said to myself, that this Soldier cannot be trusted either.  

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