Lion Attack

There I was, in an environment that looked like the camp set up during annual training with my National Guard unit. It was early in the morning, and I was walking in the woods, when I sighted a tiger. I caught a glimpse of it waiting to attack.

I quickly backed off, and when I did, I saw two lions waiting for me also. I ran, but I knew that I could not outrun the lions. At least if I could make it to the 2 ½ ton truck I would be safe.

The lions closed in on me, but I made it to the truck. I opened the truck’s cab door, and got in. However, as I was closing the truck cab door, the lions lunged at the door.

Then the truck’s door turned from being a steel door, to a flimsy canvas door. The lions were able to bite the door and claw at it. I was steadily holding the door while attempting to close it.

But the strength of the lions was too much, they were overpowering me, and their claws were destroying the flimsy canvas door. It was only a matter of time before they are going to get through.

In the meantime, I attempted to honk the horn. Maybe the loud noise would scare off the lions. If it doesn’t perhaps it will wake up the rest of the Soldiers in the camp, that way I could get some help.

While honking the horn I could only hear someone yelling,“shut up!” Nobody got up to see what the noise was all about. I couldn’t keep honking the horn and holding the door at the same time while the lions were on the verge of coming in the truck.

My next action was to see if I can start the truck and drive away from the lions. But the truck’s engine would not turn over.

Then someone who was sleeping in the back of the truck woke up and came out to see what was the commotion. He was a cook, he saw the lions, then he went back into the back of the truck and went in the portable freezer box. He took out a slab of meat and went back to the tail gate, jump out the truck and dangled the meat in an effort to get the lions attention.  

The lions took the bait, they started to follow the Soldier to get the meat. But instead of throwing the meat on the ground and get away from the lions while they devour the meat, he threw the meat in a garbage container.

The lions didn’t go into the container after the meat. They went for the Soldier. The Soldier could not outrun the lions, the lions caught him and mutilated and devoured him.

© 2021 All Rights Reserved


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