Soul Collector

            This experience started out with me in some type of shelter; it kind of resembled a drill floor of an armory, with cots spaced out. I’m not sure what events took place that landed me there. I didn’t get a sense of who were the characters who spread over the floor in their cots.

However, I did feel the presence of someone familiar to me. It was one of my Co-workers, A.T. Not sure why my mind would run upon her, and what she was doing in the shelter with me.

The atmosphere in the building was dark, with only the streetlight that dimly shined through the armory’s drill floor’s large window, and you could hear the sound of the industry grade fans which made the drill floor cool and airing the place out.

A.T said that “I can see someone in the background, by the windows.” I looked because I didn’t know what she was talking about. There couldn’t possibly be any one by the windows, they would have to climb up to the armory’s balcony for their outline to be seen.

But, seems that I was looking the wrong way. Because A.T was facing me, so what she saw was behind my back. I was looking ahead sighting what was in front of me.

When I turned around to see what she was seeing, I visually scanned the area, and saw that there wasn’t anyone there. But suddenly, floating above my head, I saw a spirit, it was a female, and she looked like white light. Then she introduced herself saying “I’m the soul collector.”

My thought was, surly, she doesn’t think that she is here to collect my soul. I rebuffed her and said, that “there are no souls for you here.”  I told her to get lost and go collect souls elsewhere. This spirit did not put up much resistance, she just floated away.  

After that I got images of a car, it was a red Caprice Classic, this model was discontinued since 1988. The model I saw a two door, with a stereo system, navigation, and other luxuries. The body had a modern design, and tan leather seats with a head rest. This is one of these times that I wish I could draw. If I could, I would have sketched the design as I saw it.

I said to myself, that my father would love to see this model, because he has a 1987 Caprice Classic, and he swears that this model car was one of the bests.  I decided to get the vehicle and take it to him.

It was morning, and I saw a man in a suit, a car salesman; and he said that the car is already for me to rent. I saw an office, where a manager was sitting, and he said the papers are all in order. I took the papers and got the key, and drove the car out of the armory.

I need to ponder about this experience, to connect what the first half have to do with the second half.

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