Twitter Suspension


Was on Twitter the other day when I saw a post by that disgusting poor excuse of a black woman, Candace Owens. The post was a clip of Larry Elder, a candidate running for California Governor. It showed Elder being attacked by a woman riding a bike and wearing a gorilla’s mask.

As you can see, the clip showed the woman throwing an egg at Elder, and she was confronted by one of Elder’s aides. The woman’s response was to say “don’t touch me, touch me again…” and threw a slap at the aide. I responded to the post, and said, “ I would have smacked the mask off that b**ch.”

About five minutes later I got this response from Twitter..

We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features george
@true_george What happened? We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:

  1. Violating our rules against hateful conduct. You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
    • george
      @true_george @RealCandaceO @GavinNewsom @larryelder I would have smacked the mask off that dumb bi**h 10:38 PM – 10 Sep 2021

As a result, we’ve temporarily limited some of your account features. While in this state, you can still browse Twitter, but you’re limited to only sending Direct Messages to your followers –– no Tweets, Retweets, Fleets, follows, or likes. Learn more. Your account will be restored to full functionality in: 12 hours and 0 minutes. You can start your countdown and continue to Twitter once you:

  • Remove Tweets that violate our Rules

    If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can appeal the violation.

    So now the bastards on Twitter put a 12 hour suspension on my account. Would you know the count down wouldn’t start unless I delete the post.

    Delete Tweet. Tweet 1 of 1 george
    @true_george @RealCandaceO @GavinNewsom @larryelder I would have smacked the mask off that dumb bi**h Sep 10, 2021, 10:38 PM If you think we’ve made a mistake, submit an appeal to us. Please note that should you do so, your account will remain locked while we review your appeal.

    So now it looks like one cannot say any remark of something that they might have done given the situation. I’m not sure if they thought I was referring to smacking Candace Owens. Even though she does deserve a good smacking. But it wasn’t the case. But how can they not see that there was no direct threat to anyone, just a remark. I suppose this is what we get when they put computer algorithms in place. A little narrow minded and no capacity to have deductive reasoning.

    I say Fuck you Twitter…  



    1. Totally agree that is a total joke – you should be able to say how you feel on your own account, otherwise, what’s the point in having one! But I’ve had loads of posts deleted and a warning sent to me when I used to join in the comments on news articles on the Daily Mail site. Mostly I was in agreement with all the other commenters and commenting in a like vein but, somehow, my post would be the one taken down!

      The time it annoyed me most though was when I was pointing out cruelty to animals in many beauty treatments on the back of an article involving such treatments and some people (no doubt who didn’t want to know they were promoting cruelty and still wanted to use those treatments) got upset and complained about it.

      A bit like the woman at work who was boasting she had a snakeskin handbag and I told her they’d nailed the snake to a post and skinned it alive for her bag – she really didn’t want to know!

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      • Yeah, I agree that one should be able to say what they want. I’ve been kicked off and censored on other people’s site. They have a problem of what is said, or with the content posted. The reason why I started to create my own.
        I had a Yahoo chat group, until one day Yahoo erased it along with other groups that covered themes similar to mine.
        The hosting entities like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube even here are WordPress. They are censoring people’s content on sites that they are hosting. Dictating condictions on sites which they deem controversial . Youtube has gotten so ridicules that if there is too much cussing, or use of certain words, and even the type of videos that doesn’t meet their version of a moral standard is taken down. All while promoting freedom of speech.
        It sucks,
        So, the next frontier is for someone to host their own site. But most people don’t have the time and equipment to do that. But we’ll see how that goes in the future. The better the technology, the easier it will be to get a PC that is capable of serving as a host server…

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