Treasure Hunt

As I’m recording this dream; some of the events are slowly fading away from memory. There are some things that can be remembered and there are others where the events become distorted, yet the blanks can be filled in; and there are things that cannot be recalled, perhaps with some rational thinking, maybe two and two can be added up. But despite best effort some details of this experience remain vague.

This experience starts out with me and a group of people assembled. We were on some sort of a treasure hunt. Perhaps we were on a mission of looting what seemed like a large storage facility. Maybe some sort of warehouse.

We came across some boxes, two of the boxes were filled with diamonds. But, to get to those boxes we had to get past booby traps. Which we were successful in doing. Yet the boxes filled with diamonds were suddenly suspended in the air. So, it was not possible to take the whole box, we had to fill our bags with the diamonds which limited us to just taking what we could carry.

But there was a final hurdle; it was a big black snake that we had to get past. The snake was very long and it was hard to illude it. But some members of the group got caught by the snake and the snake devoured them. 

But then there was a change in scenery. It turned into a work environment and that one of the workers was the snake and that one of the people in my group was his co-worker. The snake found out that there was a plot to kill him; the snake wanted to kill and devourer those who were part of the plot to kill him. But he doesn’t know who they are.

So, the snake hatched a plan to identify who were part of the conspiracy. The snake called out a name; “Hanley.” Not sure why that particular name would come up, but after the snake called out the name, the snake identified him as being part of the conspiracy to kill him, by saying “oh its him.” Now Hanley knows he is the snake’s target. The snake went outside the building and was waiting for Hanley, but Hanley did not come out of the warehouse.

In as much as the snake wanted to kill those plotting to kill him; the snake did not know who they were, and he wasn’t even sure that Hanley was part of the conspiracy. The snake had no choice, but to stand down and change his attitude; and stop being suspicious of his co-workers plotting to kill him. There was no real evidence that there was actually a plot.

But, despite backing down, the snake was still a dangerous creature; and there was an effort to kill him from the people in my group, the ones who stole the diamonds.

I did not see if the snake was killed, and I did not see if the snake killed Hanley, or any of his co-workers….

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