My mind must have been on events that happened on the second gig. One of the residents SD have a congestive heart failure (CHF), kidney problems, fluid retention and she uses an oxygen tank.

This particular person does not want to take her meds or use the oxygen tank. She is bloated due to the fluid retention. My second gig colleagues believe that she is on her last legs, that ultimately, she will pass away, if she refuses to manage her medical condition.

She called for assistance, because she said she is too weak to go to the kitchen to get her meal. When I went upstairs her face was bloated, and indication she wasn’t using the oxygen. EMS was called, but she refused care treatment.

But it is ironic, that she would get up and go and get her hit of cocaine, and other substances. But won’t get up and go and get something to eat.

That evening, after laying down, the dream events were based on the day’s theme.

The images in the dream state replicated the exact scenario that took place. Then the additional stuff cooked up by the subconscious took place.  

It picked up after I came down from her room after bringing up her meal. I saw someone in the lobby who wanted to come and visit her.

Normally, we would have the visitor leave their ID at the security desk, and the resident is suppose to come down and escort the visitor upstairs. But since SD was not in good condition, I decided to make an exception.

I told the security, its OK for him to come upstairs, I knocked on SD’s door and told her she has a visitor and keyed him in and went back into the office.

Someone told me that he in fact was the drug dealer supplying the support house with the illegal drugs. That he comes and see multiple people. Thad SD is in debt to him and that he is looking to collect.

Since, I didn’t vet the visitor properly, I was thinking what should I do to get him out and to see if SD is all right.

I put my ear to the door to see if there was any commotion, I couldn’t hear anything. So, I decided to pretend to do a welfare check.

I keyed into the unit announcing, “welfare check.”  I saw the visitor who was sitting a few feet away from SD at a table and SD still in bed. Each of them had a glass of coke and rum. The room had the aroma of rum.

I’m thinking that SD is in no condition to be drinking alcohol, then again, she is in no condition to take illegal drugs. But she regularly does.

There was nothing that I could do to kick the visitor out. SD agrees to have him there and the visitor is behaving himself, The only thing that could be done is caution her about the smoking policy. But I doubt she listened to me.

Later on that night the visitor went around various residents collecting debts and supplying the drugs.

Then there was an explosion, it was coming from SD’s room; I said dam it, she smoked next to the oxygen unit.

Residents were coming downstairs, just like they do when we do fire drills. Only this time there was a real fire.

Everyone was outside, then someone shouted nooo, when I looked up I saw that there was someone on the edge of the building’s roof, there was no time to run to the roof and get whoever was on the edge of the roof.

Then the person who was on the edge of the roof jumped off the roof and hit the ground. I saw that it was DW.

Who would have thought that DW was contemplating suicide; but the big question is why did the subconscious picked her out of all the looney tunes living in the support house who are more prone to commit suicide then DW. Perhaps a hidden message, that DW is in some sort of psychological crises. Only time will tell. But why pick her, its not like she tells me what is on her mind. The only interaction we have is when she comes down for her medication. I give it to her, and she leaves and go about her business.

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  1. I can never understand people who let their health completely go and take no responsibility for themselves whatsoever. I suppose, in SD’s case, it’s part of a mental illness but I know plenty of people where it isn’t and I just don’t understand them!

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