Dream: Suicide Attack

With the recent terrorist activity that took place during the last two days in Paris, France. It reminded me of a dream that I had just before the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. There were hosts of psychic activity in the area leading up to 9/11/01. I have concluded that with the right interpretation a dream can be an indicator of things to come.

March 5, 2001

 I dreamed that the Park Slope National Guard Armory was across the street from where I lived, I saw myself go in to attend a Tuesday night meeting, which is all I remembered.
  I saw the National Guard Armory where my unit is based across the street from where I live. I went inside I did not see if I had a uniform on or regular civilian clothes.

There was a meeting going on, the unit members were sitting in a hall listening to the commander speaking. After I entered I was greeting some of the unit members. I saw SFC. P standing next to another NCO, I said “look I live across the street; I will be here on time from now on.”

I was about to enter the hall when I walked past the homeless women that is staying at the armory, I saw a case worker, it was Ms. L, a case worker at my present job, I thought “they must send her here as part of her job.” The homeless woman was sitting down on a bench, the kind that you see in a church; there were more than two rows. Then a woman sitting at the edge called me out by name, I did not see her face, but she took my hand as I was walking into the hall where the rest of the other unit members were sitting. I took her aside, because I did not want too much people to know that I knew a homeless woman. She asked me “why are they committing suicide,” or “Stop them from committing suicide.” My response was “don’t worry about it, I will look into the matter.” I knew that there was a military operation that if all else fails someone will have to take a suicide run. The news flash of the Palestinians suicide bombers came to mind.

I then entered the hall where the other unit members were sitting. I saw some members of the Battery I decided to go sit with them, however the way to their seat was blocked, I saw SFC. P sitting in a box seat, with another NCO, I decided to make my way up there, but access to the box seat were also blocked. I saw some women that I knew who members of the National Guard were, so I made my way to them to sit next to them, but it was not the person who I sat next too. I saw that I sat next to an old woman in the second row, when I looked up front, I did not see the unit commanders, I saw a priest, and the robed alter helpers, a church service was in progress, after the church service was over, there was some people who were being honored, I was thrilled to see that one of the honoree was Father D, the priest of St Oswald, the church that I attended, when I was living in England. I then asked him to come over to have dinner with me, I said, “my mother would be thrilled to see you, I only live across the street.” I saw the Armory’s entrance after we walked through the door.


On this particular day I was on jury duty. I was serving on a Jury on a criminal case. The judge adjourned for the day during the afternoon. I came home and took a nap. I actually had three dreams before I woke up. The dreams were unrelated.

1) Seeing my the Park Slope armory across the street from my building may have some significance. The actual location of the current Armory that housed the unit was three blocks from my building. The Park Slope Armory is located a couple of miles from my area. I live in Crown Heights. The unit used to be housed in the Park Slope Armory before the State gave it to the City who in turn made it into a homeless Shelter. So the unit moved to the Armory located in Crown Heights. Perhaps in my mind I considered the Park Slope Armory my second home because I used to put in time and perform extra duty whenever it was possible. The Armory would have been the first and last stop. The part where I went in with or without uniform was irrelevant because if I would have changed in uniform if I went in without it.

2) Valid that the commander will be addressing the unit in formation, Tuesday nights is optional not a formal assembly so members would be sitting down as opposed to being in formation. SFC. P was the training NCO for the unit during the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. He was not in the unit at the time the dream took place. However when someone show up late they would have to see the training NCO to make sure they sign the training roster.The presence of SFC. P was just a representation.

3) The Park Slope Armory that houses a women’s homeless shelter. Ms. L a case worker who I was friendly with worked at my work location. Question asked about people committing suicide, with a conclusion that the suicide was done by the PLO. It could be associated with the Al Quadar Arab Muslims who did the suicide bombings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Ms. L was also a representation, but the homeless women had no face.

4) Last half of the dream seeing images of the church I use to attend along merging with members of my Battery attending service and honoring my old priest was a vague representation of a memorial service for one of the Battery who used to work security at the World Trade Center. He got killed during the attack. He was also an ordained minister.Didn’t see L.B (member who got killed in the attacks), but perhaps Father D represented L.B.

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