We Run Things


This Is Your Song

This quote brings to mind a chorus to a song that I find that is very useful on one’s namely mine personal philosophy. Perhaps if you think about it you may apply it to yours. Oops, I’ll stop going to preaching mode. The chorus to a song called “We run things” recorded by an artist called Flourgon. The chorus lyrics in English in case you don’t understand the Jamaican patios go:

We run things, things no run we, anything we do it must be done properly

We rule girls, girls no rule we, that’s why our girls give respect to we

We rule dollars, no dollars rule we, that’s why our dollars always plenty

Just exactly what does that mean?

Let’s look at the first line. To me it simply means taking control. There are many things that are beyond one’s control. However, one should take the responsibility to handle the factors that are within the scope of your control. This is done by practicing behavioral flexibility. The flexibility means that having the attitude that will allow you to overcome and persevere. My friend George Bien (http://www.georgebien.com) pointed out to me many years ago that the most flexible element in a system will eventually become the controlling element. So whatever curves life throws at you, the one thing that you have control over is your mind, your attitude and what approach you take to relive life’s pressure.

 Let’s look at the second line. I know, some of you may be thinking that the statement of ruling females is sexist. Well, perhaps its sexists to feel that way, maybe some self-reflection may be in order. I see this line as a metaphor as having a positive and harmonious relationship with your other half, significant other, spouse, side piece, jump off… whatever you consider them to be. But one thing is for sure, if that person does not respect you and you bend over backwards to please them, or stay in the relationship with them, then you deserve everything that comes with a bad relationship.

The third line of the chorus is self-explanatory to me. In this world many people have their hands in your pocket. Make sure you pay yourself first before you pay everyone else when that check that you worked hard all week for comes in. Make sure your tax deduction take place otherwise you’ll have Uncle Sam on you back. Budget that money and take out a portion for your savings to be available in case of emergencies; holiday club if you like to give gifts at Christmas; vacation club if you like to take vacations; a portion for whatever investments you have; and for entertainment; then the bill collectors get theirs last. So people unless you have a rich daddy, or sugar mama don’t live beyond your means. That how I do it, and I end up having cash available when I need it all the time.

I hope this isn’t preachy, I’m in no position to judge. I wrote something on mental attitude back in July perhaps it goes hand in hand to with this little talk. Enjoy: https://truegeorge.com/2015/07/21/self-improvement-thru-altered-states/


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