What is a Home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

In my book there are five things that make a house a home. First and foremost ya’ll need to understand that that there can be no home without harmony. This means that there isn’t a power struggle, arguing, mistrust and disrespectful acts going on between you and the people that you are living with; whether they are family, roommates or significant others. Two things will have to happen, either they leave or I leave. But what’s for sure I won’t be living in a house full of antagonists. Also there should be no conflict with the neighbors. If you can’t get along with your neighbors then it is better to go elsewhere.
The second thing will be a relaxing atmosphere. When I come from being outside doing whatever activity, I like to relax when I get back to the place where I lay my head down to sleep. The stress that come with life’s activity need to be busted and to have a peace of mind. That place is the place you call home.
The third thing is security. If I am living in a place where there is a high potential of home invasion then I won’t be in that area too long. However anywhere I go for added security I will have my legally registered fire arm at the ready just in case someone gets stupid.
The fourth thing is having a fridge full of beer and my flat screen T.V as well the leather recliner so that I can kick back and watch the Mix Martial Arts matches; and other event I hope I stay awake cause when I relax, I relax….
The fifth thing is my computer, after all I need something to write down my ideas, do research, and to get things going on this blog so I can at least be heard by people in faraway places who I have no contact with. Don’t be bashful tell me how much you like this…..


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