Who Is Evil

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Is there anyone truly evil? Good, bad, evil or being an angel, the lessons of yesteryear that was taught painted evil as an action that a person does that will cause harm to another. But why do they write in nursery rhymes that evil is perpetrated by little old ladies with a hunch back. Can we ask Hansel and Gretel, Snow White or Dorothy? If those same little old women were spotted walking in some neighborhoods or project developments right here in good ol New York City they will become prime targets for a predictor who is likely to knock them down, smack them around or grab their bags and flee. Are those predators evil? I’m not sure, but I do know that those who brutalize old women are cowards rather than being evil, but even those cowards may end up being brutalized by an evil Police Officer. Can’t say that my heart bleeds for cowards who prey on the weak if a cop decides to whip their ass before they face a court’s judgment because of who the coward is and the intent behind the ass whipping. After all on the food chain of aggressors, the coward is on the low end. Now if that same cop were to arbitrary abuse their authority now that would be evil. So the lessons of yesteryear tells me that someone that looks and is considered evil may not be so; and that someone who is the poster child for being an angel may be the most wicked of them all. Even that is not written in stone. It all comes down to individual perception. With the concept of good being a behavior, action or intent that have the approval of important people in an individual life; the concept of being bad, wicked, evil being the behavior, action or intent that has the disapproval of important people in the life of the individual.

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