Caught In The Rain

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

There were times where the perfect rainy afternoon was experienced; too many of them to count. In the city and in the woods, but it is in the woods were the most perfect rainy afternoons took place. Despite that it doesn’t beat what took place one rainy afternoon at school the first year as a junior or grade 3. Nobody was allowed to go out to play in the school’s playground because it was raining pretty hard. But somehow four of us got out and had the playground all to ourselves. There was splashing in puddles, there was kicking water on each other, and running through the big puddles. To top that off, we did not wear any coats, or have anything to cover our heads. It didn’t occur to us that it was needed, besides with all the fun that was going on, who gave it a second thought? But, the fun came to an abrupt end when two Teachers appeared. I guess they finally discovered that we were missing and they weren’t too happy where they found us. They got us back in the building and took off our soaking wet clothes; even the underwear and socks. We were given clothes from the costume box, the costume clothes were oversize and baggie while our regular clothes were being dried. To think about it, we were never punished, I suspect it was because the Teachers were relieved that we weren’t really missing.

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