Palm Pleasure

I’m here on a long flight and I’m sitting next to this woman. Not a bad looking woman, she has long jet black long hair with round ear rings hanging from her ears and round bracelets on her wrists. She is wearing a long dress. She is either a Gypsy or one of those New Age people. Hmm, Gypsy, New Ager doesn’t make a difference since both Gypsy and New Agers are known to be deceptive. This is a long flight, is she going to attempt to deceive me? Well, I’m up for the challenge especially since she has been talking about people making pre-destined choices for the last half hour. Now she is telling me about fortune telling. Ah shit, she’s offering to read my palm. I don’t need to know if I’m going to prosper, because whatever I choose to do failure is not an option. I certainly don’t need confirmation of having good luck, nor do I want to know about bad spirits and I suppose she will ask for a fee to get rid of them. All I know is that palm reading is a gimmick that is used to seduce. I even have a palm reading deck and a manual of what the palm lines mean. Hmm, I wonder if I can turn this around. Seduction, sounds like fun; let’s see if she’ll go with it. She takes my hand, turns it over to read my palm.

hand in handBefore she could read my palm I take her palm, and place her palm on my palm. I say to her, “do you know what’s taking place?” she shakes, her head and says “no”. I tell her, our palm charkas are together, and now an energetic exchange is taking place. Can’t you feel some of my energy going from my palm into yours, up your arm, to the top of your head, going and down your body to the tip of your toes, like I feel your energy, this makes our aura’s intertwine and now we are connected. It’s just like a cord of light passing from me to you and as that cord of light shines with the warmth of the connection imagine a time in the future and still feeling the sense of the connection looking back on today as being the start of it.

Oh, yeaaah, she’s with it; now that the flight attendant isn’t around. The other passengers are in their own world. I can now show her what else the palm can assist in doing. Wait, I’ll get that hand cream in the care package to make sure her palm is lubricated. Then I’ll guide her hand to a warm place where her palm can get that firm grasp, before she starts to move it up and down making it a pleasure to be seated next to her.

Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?



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