Fake Women

fake woman 6

Having a night out on the town going to an extravagant club where lots of people are mingling. Most are ready, willing and able as long as the approach is acceptable; perhaps they are acting out under the influence. Speaking of influence, maybe you too are being influenced, after all you are in an extravagant club, get what’s at the bar, or get what’s under the bar. Whichever tickles your fanny, or the fanny you want to tickle. Music is pumping, liquor flowing, and lots of ecstasy, at least the one you can’t buy. Its the one that just builds up. Then you see the apple of your eye. You make your move; you see what one dance can do. It did well, you suggest a night cap, she agreed; you took her in the ride and arrived at the place where the night was capped after you pumped out some milk, and served it to her which she amazingly drank like a champ.

fake women 5

Now in the dawning you rub your eyes and let out a big nooooooo!  You see Frankenstein’s bride or could it be the bride of Weinstein. She has Fake hair, Fake eyelashes, Fake boobs, a Fake butt, dammm maybe the vajayjay was Fake too;  you knew you should have had a shot of coke after drinking all that liquor, that would have sobered you up and saved you from making the discovery that you took home someone whose self esteem is so low she attempted to fix her physical attributes with cosmetic surgery which turned out to be a disaster. If she thought she was ugly before, she is certainly ugly now. She should have worked on the thing that needed to be worked on in the first place, that is her psychological perception of herself. How many of them Fake women are out there…..?

fake women 3



  1. Unfortunately every magazine you buy or commercial you watch, you are inundated with beauty and the constant psychological bombardment that YOU HAVE TO BE Beautiful, over and over. And this search for eternal youth leaves women (and a growing number of men) bewildered and frightened of being left behind or left without. And this will never change.

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  2. Hello True George,

    Shortly after I read this post last week, this video was uploaded on YouTube that same day, which I thought was an interesting coincidence 😀 :

    -John Jr


      • Yes it is, I think so too, more doctors should just say no and recommend mental health counseling to those patients.


        Since the first time that I ever commented on your blog I have noticed that there is no Reply option under comments on your posts which is strange so I have always been curious about this, so I have always had to reply from the WordPress.com Notifications area instead of being able to use the reply option under comments like normal since there is no reply option there, did you change the default Discussion Settings to do this intentionally or was that a mistake or something else?

        I am curious which setting causes the reply option to not be available, I assume that it is the WP Dashboard | Settings | Discussion Settings | Other Comment Settings | Enable Threaded (Nested) Comments __ Levels Deep Setting which is probably not enabled, but I could be wrong.

        The default setting for this is enabled and set to three I think, I have mine set to 6, but I am only guessing about which setting controls that.


        It would be nice to be able to reply to comments on a post from the comments (post) itself normally.

        -John Jr


  3. It’s possible that fear and low self esteem are at the root of these ridiculous surgeries. Maybe mental illness, maybe bad doctors or maybe a bad doctor with a mental illness. What ever happened to aging gracefully, beautifully and with courage? Sometimes I feel the media puts too much emphasis on outward appearances but they (media) will always prey on the weak. I try not to judge but can’t help but stare. Ridiculous!

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  4. I think some of these “fake women” are actually lost in the world that demands perfection and mocks the imperfection. Instead of blocking these stupid remarks, they give in to the need of being accepted, even appreciated.
    Other women, who do not fall into the above category, frankly speaking, they are just being silly.

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