The Meter



It is hard to get the busy people of NYC to Giggle. But what made everyone Giggle was the pile of garbage outside the government bureaucratic building. The building’s caretakers take out the garbage and pile it up at a particular spot. It is revealed why that spot was chosen. After the garbage was taken away by the Sanitation men guess what was hidden under the pile of garbage. A parking meter; no wonder everyone get to park in front of the government building all day and don’t get a ticket. Even NYPD or the traffic agents don’t notice that there is a  meter so they don’t waste their time to stop and look and watch to see how long a person park just to write a $50 ticket. If they did you may get two or three of them before you return to move the car. You’ll understand and  Giggle if you live in a city where parking regulations is a way of life.


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