Williamsburg Bridge


I was on the Williamsburg Bridge I took the approach ramp that lead to a path that went above the bridge. When I was above the Bridge the roadway was not connected to the approach ramp. Instead there was a drop off, and the little gap between the ramp and the roadway. Since the car that I am driving was a bit heavy, it could not jump the gap; it only went down through the space and fell through the drop off…..

Then there was another version of the same event. This time when the car was on top of the bridge, and I saw that there was no gap. I got out of the car and looked down, when I looked down there was a gap. I looked between the gap. Then the approach road moved upwards, in the same manner like a drawbridge, when it was at the forty-five degree angle, I had fallen off the Bridge.

Dream #2

The 2nd dream of the night began. I was driving my car and the flow of the traffic came to a standstill.  I did not have any breaks; I was getting ready to hit the rear end of a van. There was a hole in the floor board of the car where I could put my feet through. Just like Fred Flintstone I put my feet through the floor of the car and stopped the car from impacting the rear of the van. Even though I had stopped myself from impacting the rear of the van, the van driver did not slow down, and the van plowed into the rear of the car in front of it. The van driver looked at it as being my fault, and she wanted my insurance company’s information. I did not want to give it to her because my insurance coverage had lapsed. I drove away while she was asking for the information. She might have taken my license plate, but somehow I knew nothing would happen, because it was not me who hit her in the rear.

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  1. Hello True George,

    After the way that you stopped the automobile in your 2nd dream and I thought that it was funny how you drove away from the woman at the end; it made me think of a funny moment from an episode of The Flinstones or something. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dreams,

    -John Jr

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    • There was some realty to the dream. When I was younger I had problems maintaining continuous insurance on my vehicles. I used to drive with lapsed insurance a lot. I did get into a minor accident with a gypsy cab and the driver happen to be a woman. It is rear to see a woman driving a gypsy cab. She called a fellow cab driver to come and look at the damage. Instead of involving the Police I gave them $200 for repairs. If the Police came and ran the insurance I would have been arrested. Then there was a day when my car broke down on the FDR drive and a van was behind me. The van driver helped me out by using the van to push my car until we got to an area where there was a shoulder where I could wait for a tow truck.
      Not sure why the subconscious took those memories and put them together fabricated an event.. But what is certain was when I had the accident in reality I wanted to just drive away but ended up giving away money to avoid dealing with the Police….

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    • Hello Moment,

      I was actually going to mention you in my comment because of one of your pasts dreams where I think that you stopped an automobile like that. 😀

      I possibly used this technique before years ago in a dream or two, but I could be wrong.

      -John Jr

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