Rupert’s Chariot


I was lying in bed winding down after a day full of activity. It wasn’t long before I felt a sense of deep relaxation and the sensations that come with it; the same kind that I often feel when I the self-hypnosis meditation exercise as opposed to the type of relaxation that I usually feel when going to regular sleep. The body is put to rest; but I could see, hear, and think as if I was awake with the exception of having a higher sensitivity of hearing, and a heightened sense of feeling the presence of anything physical or otherwise.

The strange thing about this experience was for some reason the theme from a children’s program that I used to watch as a child came into my head. That program was Rupert the Bear. Rupert was a teddy bear who had a flying chariot. As the theme to Rupert the Bear was playing in my head, I saw what resembled the flying chariot flying around in circles above my head, Rupert was the one driving it. At the same time, I thought this was very amusing, I lifted up my arm to catch the flying chariot. I did not physically lift the arm, this was the thought that came to mind, and my astral the arm was in the air; I knew this because I had felt it. I caught the chariot, and after I caught the chariot I threw it towards the dressing table, the chariot hit the dressing table’s mirror and to my surprise it came back to my hand just like a boomerang. I noticed that there were some unidentified objects on the dressing table. There were around three objects; I started throwing the chariot at them; each time I threw the chariot at them I hit the objects and I heard the crash when the object was destroyed, one by one. Each time I hit the object the chariot came right back to me like a boomerang. After the objects were destroyed the sensation was over.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Rupert looks familiar but I did not remember him having a flying chariot, and so that is interesting; and it is also interesting how the chariot kept coming back to you like a boomerang, and how the experience ended when all the objects were destroyed.

    -John Jr

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    • Nowadays Rupert is a cartoon; back in my child hood days they were puppet characters. Rupert had the flying chariot. From what I heard the master tapes were lost and it is hard to find an episode, Although you can still find the theme song and video that was played at the beginning of the program. After that the next version in the 80’s he had a magic flying car…but I never saw the one’s beyond the puppet version version. The link below is a brief history of Rupert. The very first clip you’ll see Rupert landing his flying chariot…..

      As far as the dream when the objects were destroyed nothing else followed then shortly afterwards the Monk experience happened…..

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      • Thank you for sharing that video True George, I think that it is the look of the 1990s Rupert that I recognize from animation, and the original look I probably remember in print form.

        Thank you for sharing those extra details.

        -John Jr

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