The Monk


It was shortly after the experience with Rupert’s Chariot was over, I changed my position from the right side of the bed to the left side of the bed. Then I started to get relaxed; and when the relaxation kicked in I started to feel the same sensations that usually comes while experiencing deep relaxation. For some apparent reason I am having the feelings of being totality relaxed and go into a state where any subjective experience flourish without doing any type of meditation preparation or relaxation techniques. In this experience once I was relaxed and falling into the dream state; all of a sudden, I saw someone in a hooded black robe. The robe looked the one that monks wear. He came running towards me; as I saw this I was surprised; the whole atmosphere in the room changed. The light in the next room was on; it prevents my room from being in total darkness. However, when I had looked towards the direction of the next room, I saw nothing but darkness; despite the fact that the light in the next room prevents my room from being totality dark, the whole of my room appeared to be darker then usually. It was as though I was transported somewhere else. The black hooded monk came running towards me at a fast pace then he started onto climb the bed. I felt as though I was under attack, the only thing that was in my head was to put up some sort of defense. However, I couldn’t move my limbs because I was paralyzed. I could only move my head from side to side and I found that I could not speak. I could not talk to the monk, or give it any commands. I felt that I was totality at the mercy of this being. When the hooded monk was on top of me he started to remove the hood from his head, while looking directly in my face. It was as though he wanted to let me know who he was. Before the hood was removed he disappeared, and when he disappeared the room reappeared to it’s normal appearance. I could now see the light in the adjacent room and I was no longer paralyzed. I was thinking that I had been laxed and that I will be ready for the next entity that shows up. Instead of attempting to physically communicate with it I will just use my thoughts to impose my will. I do not want them to take me by surprise like that one did.

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