Candle Light


I came up with another method to perform my self-hypnosis meditation exercises. I decided to change the atmosphere in the place where I usually conduct the self-hypnosis meditation. To do this I brought some candles; I’ve heard that candle light could make the environment a bit more interment. So now when I participate in the self-hypnosis meditation the lights will be off and I will only focus on the candle light.

The first time I used this method lighting the candles, turn off the lights and focus my attention on the candle light, it took a while before I was able to relax the body to the point where the body was put to sleep. This means that the bodily functions are in the state that it would appear if you were to go to sleep. The the heart rate slows down and the brain waves shift from delta to alpha. Yet consciously you are awake and alert.  While the body went down, and I was consciously aware, my hearing became clearer; I could hear things that I would not normally hear, plus the regular sounds seemed louder. While I was in this altered state, I did not experience anything out of the ordinary. There was no out of body experience; nor did I have contact with any entities. After a couple of minutes in state at last 15; I decide to end the session. When I came out of the meditative state it felt as though I had taken a nap; I felt rested.

Two days later during a drill weekend (National Guard Reserves) I went home during lunch since the Armory is only a few blocks from where I live. I was just going to grab my lap top and leave, but I was feeling a bit fatigued since I’ve been up since 5:00 and running around all morning. I felt like taking a nap. However I decided to do the self-hypnosis meditation method to see if the body’s urge to take a nap would have an effect on the relaxation of the body.  I lit the candles, and went into the breathing exercise. First I decided to see if it would make any difference if I were to keep my eyes open, and focus on the candle’s flame. I had to put the table with the candle far enough from my recliner to get a comfortable eye distance view.

I focused on the flame with my eyes open for a few minutes. Then when the eyes were strained to and the eye lids got heavy I decided to close the eyes. I gradually entered into got into state. When I got into state I experienced the usually high sensitive alertness of the senses. The unique thing of this experience was that I started to feel the heat from the candle’s flame. Even though the candles were small I felt a wall of heat given off by the candle’s flames. Then I felt myself stand up. I left the room by walking through the room wall instead of using the door. I recognized that I was projecting.  I said to myself, I want to verify that this is indeed an out of body experience. I had decided to leave the apartment altogether and go to the Armory to see what was going on in the armory at that moment. I found that I could not pass through the front door I had to open it. The strange thing about the door was that it had a door chain, in reality the door doesn’t have a door chain. I removed the door chain before opening the locks. When I went down the stairs, I saw some of my fellow tenants leaving the building; after the tenants went out, and the door was slowly closing, I caught the door, and opened it before it completely closed. I found that was in the street and everything looked normal as they appeared in reality. I walked to the end of the block to R ave and crossed over to the other side of the street. I said to myself, I wonder if I could fly; so I jumped in the air, and when I  jumped in the air, I found that I was floating in the direction I wanted to go. I flew to the end of the block; then the scene was interrupted; it seemed that I had scratched my left ear with my left hand and it took me out of state; my eyes briefly opened there was an after image of the street that was implanted on my eyes; after I re -closed my eyes, the image of the street was still there. The picture was immobile; it was just like a photograph.  Then I saw a woman’s face; she had long black hair, and she emerged from behind the candles. She said she was here looking for her mother.  A quick scene flashed in my mind; it was a scene that was familiar to me; it was the aftermath of a fire; the scene showed what happened to the woman’s mother. The woman’s mother was vaporized in the fire. I told the woman that she will not find her mother, and that her mother is gone. The woman appeared in the hallway of the apartment; while she was in the apartment seemed that there was some sexual activity….

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