I went into the motion of doing the self-hypnosis meditation that I’ve been practicing on a regular basis. I went into the room moved the bike out of the way lit the candles and turned off the lights.  Since I moved the bike I could move the chair backwards so that I would get a better view of the candles. I had no problems attaining a relaxed state. At times I felt that I could lean forward, and separate the astral body from the physical body but the separation never took place. At times, I could move other parts of my body, such as my arms outside the body; the head and neck always remain in place. I also felt a slight jerking, however I remained in place. As I was going under I saw an opening; I was able to move my arms from within the body and placed them in the opening. I saw a face; the face looked like it was the face of an old man. I recognized the face to be mine; the arms moved away the obstacles that were on the face; it was indeed a reflection of me. Then I saw myself setting in a chair; and next to me I saw somebody that resembled my brother P. He was on my left side and other P right side; I recognized that one of them was an imposter. P on my right side, and me, started to fight P on the left side. We (P on my right side) recognized that P on my left side is the imposter. It seemed that the event took place in the apartment, because I saw the door open, and a woman who was to supposed to be our mother was there doing household activities. I instantly recognized that this woman, who was the representative of our mother, knew which one of the two P was the real P. I cannot recall which of the P’s turned out to be the imposter; it seemed like I was coming out of state, however when I heard the someone knocking the front door, I was completely out of state.


The woman, who represented my mother, was not my mother. It was another woman, but it felt as though that woman was my mother. Neither of the P’s were my brother simply because my brother was in another country at that point in time. But it didn’t occur to me at the point in time while I was having this experience.

One of the things that I realize is that I need to become more relaxed if I expect an OBE to happen, even though I am relaxed, I am not relaxed enough to achieve the OBE. At this time I only get a sense of rejuvenation, and heightened awareness.


Regular sleep

 After I finished with the self-hypnosis meditation and saw who was knocking the front door I retired for the night. I dreamed that I was back in my hometown. I was in the park that was at the top of the block where I used to live. Instead of the park being what it was, it changed. The park was now a concrete playground. The play areas where grass and trees used to be were now concrete. I was telling someone that was with me that I could remember when we used to play football (soccer) when there was grass in the park. The areas where there used to be hills, were now a flat area, filled in with concrete. I left the park and as I was walking out of the park, crossing the street, someone that I knew wanted to give me a ride to where I was going. I had him take me to the block opposite to the one where I used to live. I told him to let me out by the ally. The alley was a short cut in the middle of the block; it went to my block, to the next block. The house that I lived in was two houses opposite the alley. My friend M’s house was next to the alley. His house still looked the same. I went into the alley; it seems that muggers occupied the alley. I eluded the muggers, so their leader decided to get me himself. When he started to come after me he was riding a horse. The events were unclear what had happened when he had reached me, I knew I had taken something away from him, or a negotiation took place…..the rest of this event is a blur…..

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  1. Hello True George,

    A mugger on horseback trying to attack someone is not something you hear or think about often, that is pretty unique, and it is a bit comedic when I tried to visualize that part.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


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