Anytown USA has seen a lot of events since it was established; the events that rocked the town where a group of people were organizing and to assert their rights as citizens. This was the turbulent 60’s where the civil rights movement was in full swing. When the bill was signed and the passage was signed into law things died down. The citizens were intermingling without any problems. There were some disagreements here and there that needed to be negotiated. But overall things evolved to a state where everyone is living in harmony. There was a proportionate representation of the ethnicity civil servants in every essential gov’t service. Neighbors are cordial to each other. But you still have some people like Stephen.

Stephen was what you call a disgruntled person. He was not very successful when it comes to realizing his goals. Some may say he doesn’t have any goals except for causing mayhem and trouble. With all this rhetoric about illegal immigrant and Donald Trump’s slogan of “make America Great again.” Stephen can put some blame on his short comings on somebody else. He could blame the blacks and illegal aliens for his shortcomings. Stephen began to organize; first he started off by going to the park on Sundays where the town’s soap box was located. Anyone who had something to say and wanted the world to know would stand on the soap box and blah blah blah. People that stood on the soap box say anything on a variety of subjects and issues political, religious, social; or they may even go and advertise something that they are selling. Stephen went on the soap box to speak on the subject of racism.

The first thing Stephen mentioned was how affirmative action was taking jobs away from qualified individuals and giving it to unqualified individuals of color. Then he went on and on until he touched on illegal immigrants saying that they are taking jobs away from Americans because they are doing the same jobs as Americans for less money and no benefits. He is telling the crowd that Americans cannot compete with that. Then one person in the crowd asked Stephen “what kind of job did you lose to affirmative action?” Stephen said plenty, then someone else asked “since when did you ever held a job.” Stephen was upset that the person in the crowed pointed out that he has never held down a steady job. This fact made his position illegitimate. So now Stephen’s soap box moment ended up having running arguments instead of pointing out his views and how he feels on issues of race. The people who he was arguing with were not outside his ethnic group.

Stephen did not despair, he was out there again taking his turn on the soap box sprouting his two cents on issues that he did not have a clue about if you paid him a dollar. Nobody was paying attention to him and like most things he put his hand too it was going on the road to failure. Then things started to turn for Stephen, he started to meet like minded individuals. They would approach him when he was off the soap box because frankly they would have been embarrassed by the crowed if they would have voiced support of Stephen’s blabbering. These individuals were children of D generation. Meaning that they are degenerates the abyss of society. They formed a little secret club, and they go drinking and bar hopping in the evenings. Sleep all day and go to the Park every Sunday to listen to Stephen blabbering. One day in their drunken state someone in the group of degenerates decided that the group should create a day if havoc all over town. In fact they are going to into the black people’s area and smash it up.

Stephen doesn’t know anything about organizing a big event of leading a crowd in doing this type of behavior. Nether did the rest of the degenerates.  One of the degenerates had an idea. He knew someone who knew someone who knows someone who can help. In the mean time the rumor got around that Stephen and the degenerates are getting ready to over run the hood and smash everything. So now people in the hood are starting to organize. They are getting ready to meet this crowd when they come to smash up the things that they built in the hood. The plan was to meet up with those degenerates in the middle of down town before they could get anywhere near the hood and stop them. But they had a similar problem that Stephen and his lackeys had. No experience in organizing such an event in their case a counter event.

Now Ruby decided to volunteer into organizing an opposing crowd to meet Stephen and his lackeys. Of course, she has a friend who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who can help. So now Stephen and Ruby are on a quest.

Stephen’s connect allowed him to go to a secret compound that is owned and operated by the Masons. It just happened that a retreat has been in progress for a couple of days. Once on the compound he was told that he was in luck because the groups participating in the retreat are listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s and the Anti-Defamation League’s list of hate groups. These people know how to pull off the thing that Stephen wanted to do. Stephen was nervous because he was going to meet the organizer of one of the groups. Stephen and his lackeys were led to a building on the compound and when they went in two instructors were waiting for them. When Stephen saw the instructors, his jaw dropped to the ground. He couldn’t believe it. There was an instructor who belong to the Aryan Brotherhood and another instructor who belonged to the Black Israelites. They tell him to shut the fuck up and listen to the instruction. When the class room instruction was over it was now time for the weapons portion of the course. The weapons range is located a couple of miles from the class room further in the compound. Stephen and his lackeys were marched down to the range. On the way to the range Stephen and his lackeys were wide eyed, they see these big ass red necks with tattoos of white supremacy fishing in the lake alongside tattooed up black people who looked like the thugs you see in prison.  They got to the range and saw that there were also both black and white weapons instructors each one a member of a hate group.

After the instruction was done and Stephen and his lackeys were in the debriefing room. One of his lackeys had to ask the question. He said what the hell are the Aryans and Black Israelites doing mingling together? The Instructors who were in the debriefing room looked at each other with expressions on their faces as to say are these fools are so stupid, that they don’t know what is going on?

The mean looking red neck Instructor said look motherfuckers we’re only going to say this once; now I want you to use your brains you mindless maggots. First, have you ever seen the Black Israelites and the Aryan Brotherhood have a fist fight, gang fight or shoot at one another? Have you ever seen the Nation of Islam and the Klu Klax Klan have a show down any where in the nation? When was the last time the American Nazi Party and the New Black Panther Party held rallies against each other? There is only one answer to that question and if you get it wrong I’ll smash your mingie head against the wall until I see your brains. The instructor explained; now the one thing that we all have in common is that we are Masons and once in a while we have a Masonic retreat where we do such activities as hunting, fishing, weapons practice; hell, we even play football, wrestle and practice martial arts and attend seminars that benefit both groups; we share intel to keep the Police, FBI, and any other gov’t agencies and their collaborators off our asses. We also make our schedules convenient to make sure that one group is out of town while the other group conducts their activities. Now, we appreciate lone wolf mother fuckers like you because it makes the sheep think we are still out there spreading the hate. Breath a word of this to anyone and every red neck and black thug in the county who is affiliated with us will make sure your head will be used as target practice. Now go; get the fuck out of here; go do your thing and make it look good.

Stephen and his lackeys left the compound driving on that dark country road; they passed a car going towards the compound. The occupants of that car was Ruby and her lackeys. Her connect directed her to the same Masonic compound. She went through the same course of instruction and was told the same thing by the compound instructors and given the same warning to keep her mouth shut during the debriefing.

Now back in Anytown USA; Stephen’s and Ruby’s groups armed with the education of pulling off a controlled assembly and how to counter it eventually put the theory into practice. When they assembled it was like the wild West, both groups were walking down the street going to confront each other. The Police was no where in sight, maybe the Police Chief was told not to interfere and let the degenerates on both sides fight it out and whoever is left standing the Police will move in and make arrests. But right now, the orders were to just make sure the degenerates don’t loot any businesses down town. The two groups are facing each other slowly walking down the middle of the street like  Doc Holiday & the Earp brothers facing the McLaury brothers, Clanton brothers and Billy Claiborne, only Ruby’s and Stephen’s group was bigger. You can almost hear a show down theme music. The groups got closer and closer then Stephen stopped he looked at Ruby and with tears in his eyes he shouted “MAMMIE..” simultaneously Ruby stopped and looked at Stephen and she had tears in her eyes and she shouted “SONNNY..” they both ran into each other’s arms and hugged. When that took place both groups dropped their weapons disbursed never to assemble again.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved


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