Manchurian Candidate II

cruz 4

On Valentines day at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Nikolas Cruz showered some of his love onto Teachers & Students of his former High School making history of conducting yet another mass shooting at a public school. There are a lot of unanswered questions and what if’s floating around. Yet people have not figured out that Nikolas Cruz is a poster child of a Manchurian Candidate.

Okay, that’s a bold statement but we have to consider that there is more at play and from the observation it does not seem that a depressed teenager who was kicked out of the High School in question and has not been there since; just got up and planned the attack and in the heat of the moment ditched the weapons and ammunition, blend in with fleeing students and escaped and made his way to a McDonalds where he was randomly spotted by a cop and arrested. Well let’s look at what is really going on.

Around the first week of February 2017 a bill was being circulated in Congress to repeal the law that would have enabled the National Instant Criminal Background Checking System; which is the system used to check whether a gun buyer have a criminal background; is given access to the Social Security Administration system to see whether the potential gun buyer is receiving Federal Government benefits for a mental health condition. If it is found that the potential gun buyer is a recipient of Federal Government benefits for a mental health condition, that person would be disqualified from being a gun owner. The bill passed both houses and was sent to the President’s desk where the President has the option to sign the bill into law if he is in agreement; or veto the bill if he is in disagreement. When it came to this particular bill, the President was in agreement and signed it into law on Valentines day.

Inasmuch as the law of disqualifying gun ownership for those who is receiving benefits for a mental health condition was enacted during the last days of the Obama Administration it never went into effect before it was repealed. This means that there were no changes to the existing back ground check law. Now flash forward to the present on the one-year anniversary on the day the measure was repealed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was shot up. The shooting has sparked up the debates of gun control once again. In particular proponents are looking into ways to destroy the lobbying power of the National Rifle Association. Propaganda has sprouted up in favor of gun control while pro- gun counter propaganda has sprouted citing protection from the criminal elements and government tyranny.  Plus it created another reason to hate President Donald Trump.

So, let’s take a look at the gunman Nikolas Cruz. Well I’m sure you will not find anyone saying anything good about him. By all accounts the only news about him was that he was a loner, he was kicked out of the High School he later shot up for disciplinary problems; has mental health conditions of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There are allegations that Cruz took part in paramilitary training conducted by Republic of Florida (ROF) a white supremacist group. ROF have since disavowed of having any connection to Cruz. Even if Cruz was part of the group it seems even a White Supremacist group dose not want to be associated with having anything to do with shooting up a public school. There are also allegations that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) received intel that Cruz may be a potential threat to the school. Whether the FBI was able to intervene is questionable because the FBI cannot stop a determined person from committing any type of deviant actions let alone a Manchurian Candidate.  Cruz is linked as being the owner of at least ten rifles, does anyone wonder how Cruz could afford to purchase para military equipment, weapons and ammunition on his salary working at Dollar Tree?

Now let’s look at the actions that Nikolas Cruz took on that frightful day. Now remember that Cruz was diagnosed of having ADHD. That he packed up all the deadly assault gear and gas mask, called an Uber put the equipment in the car that took him to the High School. Mind you, I guess the Uber driver was more interested that the credit card wasn’t declined, then to take notice of the type of luggage that a passenger loads in and out of his vehicle. Once Cruz was on school grounds he went unnoticed and he happen to walk in the blind spots of all the surveillance cameras. Find a place to get to put on his gear which included a bullet proof vest, unpack his weapon, started his deadly assault. Still in between the blind spots of the surveillance cameras entered a school building where the deadly assault continued. Cruz went from the first to third floors killing and wounding Teachers and Students. Then he found a spot in the building, ditched the weapons and paramilitary equipment, undressed and casually blended in with Students fleeing the building and walk off school grounds and ended up at McDonalds having a burger and coke. It was miraculous that between the school grounds and the McDonalds, no other surveillance cameras picked up is presence.

cruz 1

When the Police moved in for the arrest he was manhandled at the arrest scene thus destroying any physical evidence such has powder residue linking him as the shooter. There were Paramedics dressed as Police or the Police themselves injected Cruz in his butt with some sort of medicine. Instead of going straight to the lock up, Cruz was taken to the Hospital. When the Police arrived with Cruz to the Hospital, he was already wearing a Hospital gown. How is it that Cruz’s clothes would be stripped off and dressed in a Hospital gown in the back of a paddy wagon. What is for sure it is unheard of that Police would dress a suspect in a Hospital gown in the back of a paddy wagon.

cruz 3

As a Manchurian Candidate Cruz had to be taken directly to the Hospital so that agents implement barriers and levels of amnesia blocks so that he does not recall the actions that were taken that day. When they were finished with the process Cruz did not even have the strength to cry out.

A few days later the Sheriff’s department was forced to admit that an armed Deputy Sheriff was stationed on the school grounds. That the Deputy observed Cruz’s deadly assault and observed Cruz enter the building to continue the deadly assault. Surveillance cameras show that the Deputy took up a defensive position and otherwise made no attempt to confront or stop Cruz. I don’t know how Florida trains their Officers, but here in the Big Apple of New York City anyone can attest that Officers of the NYPD go towards the direction of gun fire. Would it be the same in Florida, or was the Officer ordered not to interfere?  My money is on the latter. Now picture what a law enforcement department would do to the Officer if that Officer failed to take action to prevent the loss of lives. One would believe that the Officer in question would be dismissed from the Police force. Yet, the Officer that took no action while Cruz conducted his deadly assault was allowed to retire keeping his retirement benefits. I’ll admit that the Officer was the fall guy, but this fall guy had a cushion to land on.



  1. You are so right!! How stupid the response of President Trump to arm the teachers and train them. How stupid programs like Beyond Scared Straight. There is plainly a war on kids. I guess since the late 60s and when they saw 500 000 young kids at Woodstock and gathering in a non violent way it scared the hell out of…someone.. How strange that the 4 of most important musicians all died within 2 years, the first and the last on the same date, all at the same age, all starting with the letter J, like jour J (French for D Day), the last one being Jim Morrison who died in Paris, singer of the band the Doors and son of admiral George Stephen Morrison who was commanding the ship that started the Tonkin Incident that triggered the Viet Nam war. Jim Morrison died on July 3rd, 1971 in mysterious circumstances and buried in a haste. Before him died Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the first one Brian Jones on July 3rd, 1969. Demonising a movement that was based on peace and love clled the Flower Power… Just stating some basic facts here really fast..Do your own research and you will find even more puzzling facts that might explain that fear from of the youth….. Of course there is more to it than this… The guns issue here. I can’t get out of my head that this might simply be a false flag operation… Blaming it on the shooter is so easy, so much easier for sure then taking a good long hard look on how we raise our kids today and what values they are submitted to almost every second of there life with publicity, hatred and propaganda. And as I write these worsa nd hit the post comment button, I can’t honeslty say that I do it not for sure knowing I will not be pointed out by some obscure agency form the NSA. Call me paranoid. I don’t care. “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on. ” – William Burroughs . Just think before blaming it all on a kid. BTW I simply can’t believe that a kid as young as 12 (and younger) can now be judge like an adult when any psychiatrist will tell you that a kid doesn,t have a clear view of right and wrong before the AVERAGE age of 12. BTW it is not a very know fact that there is a factory builing weapons of mass destrustion employing a huge percentage of the adults (parents)called Lockheed Martin based in Littleton, Colorado (home of Columbine). Sorry but I had to get it out of my system. I’m sick and tired of people being demonized simply because a nation is unable to take a long good hard look at themselves a s a society and what values they convey.

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