Slamming The Door

slam 2

During the night while I was lying in bed I did not check the time when I heard something that sounded like the dot matrix printer that I used to have. Recognizing that I no longer use that dot matrix printer I got up and went out of my bedroom into the next room where my computer equipment is located. When I entered the room I saw a bunch of bulbs of light; there were at least a dozen and they were moving together. I exited the room and went into the hallway; as I was passing through the apartment’s hallway I saw that the bathroom door was open and there was a bright light illuminating from the bathroom. I had picked up the feeling that there was some type of ceremony being performed in the bathroom. I did not like the idea that unseen forces took it up on themselves to perform a ceremony in my apartment. I dropped kicked the door slamming it closed.  Shortly after a while a man that looked like a Priest or Pastor came out of the bathroom  and asked who had slammed the door shut.  I told him I did not know who slammed the door shut. Apparently there was someone standing next to me even though I felt the presence I did not actually see the person, nor did I even bother to turn my head to take a look. He also said to the Priest/Pastor that he did not know who had slammed the door. After that the Priest/Pastor left. When the Priest/Pastor left and I was going back in the opposite direction back towards the computer room; I could still see the bulbs of light; then they started to move towards the computer room’s window making an exit.

I did not know whom was the person standing next to me, if that person was there to assist me in any manner, then that person did not reveal their identity. I’m surprised that the Priest/Pastor accepted the omission from me and the person next to me that either of us did not slam the bathroom door shout. After all there were only two of us there that I know of.

I need to recognize that the astrophysical plane has slight variations to the physical reality; the position where my bathroom is in on the physical plane could have been an ordinary room in the astrophysical plane.

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