White Beings

white beings

I did not get too much sleep during the night because I was doing other errands.  I went for an early morning run, came back to my room and took a shower. Now it’s was 5:30 in the morning and it was soon time to get ready for duty. Before that time came I decided to do some self-hypnosis/meditation with the purpose of letting the body energize itself; at the same time since I was going to do it, I decided to use the “super intelligence” subliminal recording that was given to me by Dr. Johnson; the person who I was helping me out with meta-physical counseling.

When the recording was playing and I was doing the count down, I felt that the physical body was easily relaxed, and as the physical body relaxed with ease, I felt that I was able to rise up from out of the physical body without any problems When I was outside the body, the place where I was resembled the barracks where I am presently staying. I was inside my room, then I exited the room; either I passed through the door, or I opened the door (that part was not clear); I was in the hallway; and at the end of the hallway I saw two men; they were wearing work construction clothes. They were working on a utility box. In as much that the hallway is an exact replica of the hallway in the physical world; the only variation was the existence of the utility box. It did not exist in the physical world. As I approached the men it looked like they did not want to be approached. One of them had a large adjustable wrench and was waving it in a threaten manner as to warn me to stay away. I was already in their location when that happened. We had a fight, and then somehow I had found myself down stairs on the first floor. I was going out through the door. After that I was back in my physical body, I cannot recall any events that took place while I was outside the barracks.

Back inside my physical body, I heard the room door rattling; it was like the wind was blowing the door like someone was shaking it open. At that time I saw that the furniture in my room was different. There was a coach and the windows were closer together. There was a man sitting on the coach. I did not see his face however he said, “it amazes me how those white beings trick people.” He gestured for me to look outside the window and when I looked outside the window I saw that the sun was rising and when the first light of the day shined, I saw two beings; it was like they were individual suns, they were reflecting the sun’s light and as they reflected the sun’s light it seemed as both were the source of the sun’s reflection. They were moving among the trees. The trees shielded some of the reflected light; to me they resembled the king, queen, jack, that one sees on a deck of playing cards with the  exception that the beings were three dimensional and they were riding white horses. Then I saw some people, they were building a structure, and it looked as though the white beings were supervising the building of the structure. Then I heard some say that the activities were a reenactment of the events surrounding the building and destruction of the structure, which occurred during the biblical times. My thoughts were that the structure was either the tower that was built after the great flood, which was destroyed by god (alien being), or the Babylon wall, which was destroyed by the Children of Israel, after god (alien being) told them to destroy it by shouting. Whatever the event was the structure was an important figure surrounding the events. After that the experience of this session was over.

The night before I had made a visit to Trophy Point where I believe is the center of activity for both the physical and extra physical world. I suspect that is an energy barrier or some sort of regulation on activities on the extra physical level. The extra physical community is picking and choosing who can enter, and who can leave.

Also the fact that I had seen white beings for the second time, each time there was some reference to biblical belief.

In my opinion if a practicing religious person had the experience of seen those White beings I am convinced they would say that they were angles delivering a message from god. Or they will fall on their knees and worship those beings.

One ordinary looking being said that the white beings trick people, and then the whole concept of god is untrue. The only thing that distinguishes them from other extra physical beings is the fact that they are white. Only because man believes the color white is pure, or without corruption they become susceptible to be manipulated or tricked into thinking the white being are something that they are not.

I am still open to learn what they really are and who do they represent. Even though I have seen theses white beings I have not have the experience of  interacting with them.

While working on Thayer Gate  a week after this projection, I found out there was a reenactment of activities of a battle on Constitution Island, One of the islands in the Hudson Rivera near West Point but did not get around to booking a ticket for the activity.

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  1. Interesting. Have you seen the white beings since? I especially think your take of people viewing white as pure, thus falsely identifying the beings and being susceptible to trickery sounds right on.

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