The Helpers


It was around 8:00 pm when I had decided to do a self-hypnosis/meditation exercise I turned off the light in the hallway and in the room where I was doing the self hypnosis/meditation I the candles on the table. I started out with the breathing exercise; after that I used the eye fixation method; and counted down from 100-0. By the time I had reached the forties, I started to feel the tingling sensation. When the body started to relax, I felt as through my para-tough (non-physical) was sticking out of my mouth as the count reached the teens I had blinked. The blinking is a technique that I had learned to deepen a state while doing a hypnotic induction. After a few seconds I had felt the energetic body loosen up making it easier to get up out of the physical body.

After getting out of the relaxed physical body, I had passed through the wall into the living room. Once in the living room, I saw that the aura illuminated the living room. I turned towards the area where the cat was and stroked the cat; the light from the aura looked like I was shining a flashlight on the cat. The cat’s action and body posture made me know that he saw, and felt the strokes. After that I proceeded into the hallway and I passed through the front door and went down stairs to the floor below. I went into one of the apartments; I wanted to see if I could observe the activities in that apartment. Once in that apartment, I saw that there was a party. I could see the physical beings as well as the extra physical beings; I started to interact with the beings that were at the party. After a while the party was over, I saw that the people were starting to leave. I was following a big woman leaving the party. After that I do not know where I was projected. I found that I was talking to two men. I do not remember what the nature of the conversation was. Then somehow I got a message to exert some of my energy towards one of the men. When I did that the man became smaller and disappeared into a small ball of light; the ball of light moved on.

Then I exerted some energy towards the other man, and the same thing happened. Then somebody else came up to me; and then more people came towards me, I do not know how many people came towards me; I know that there was more than a dozen of them and they surrounded me. Still I saw that more people were coming. As the people were coming, a pair of glasses was put in front of my face. The glasses looked like the pair that the Army had issued to me. More people were still coming towards where I was and the more people started to come, the more I felt threatened. I did not have the energy to exert to all these people.

Then an idea came into my head; the idea was to call on the extra physical helpers to assist me and get me out of this situation. I called out help! and asked if there are any helpers in the area..  I hoped assistance would arrive. But the assistance did not happen right away, it took a while. I do not know how long it took. But I have to take in account the perception of time. Time tends to move slow if you have a need to fulfill. My need was to get aid from higher level beings. It is like waiting for the fire brigade to come and put out a fire. It may take the firemen 5 minutes to reach the burning building, but to those living in the burning building it will seem like an hour.

When I looked up and I saw three indescribable beings; as they were passing overhead they exerted energy and everybody that was surrounding me all became smaller and then each one of them turned into a small ball of light; then the balls of light moved on. Whoever those  indescribable beings were, I was glad that they heard my cry. While they were flying through, it was like there was a tail of white light behind each of them illuminating the whole area. When they were leaving, I heard a voice telling me I have a personal helper; helper 17 and that he is looking forward to meet me.

That marked the end of this experience. I neglected to observe the time, so I do not know how long this lasted.

After thinking about this experience, it is possible that I was being used as extra physical bait. Attracting the sick extra physical beings that for some reason need the extra energy to move on.  As I was being surround, and the pair of glasses put before my eyes as to give me a message to be more observant, look closer at what is happening. It is ironic that this type of experience happens since my involvement with the International Academy of Consciousness (I.A.C) who often teaches about assisting and the existence of helpers on each level of consciousness.

Also the fact that I was told that I have a personal helper, helper 17, I guess I’ll have to be more observant to recognize that that helper is with me.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this, you wrote this pretty well so I was able to visualize some of it, with my favorite part being when the entities arrived to help you and how you described the light trails that they left behind and how quickly they handled the situation.

    I also think that it is cool how you remembered the name Helper 17, and what the entities told you.

    Well done,
    -John Jr

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