Imprint Of Pain


Can’t sleep at night I hear screams, chains, shouting; where is it coming from? What are they doing next door? Wait a minute it sounds like it’s coming from downstairs, It can’t be! I swear hear acts of abuse taking place in my living room. Wooo, what is that stench? Why should I pay rent under these conditions? I have to call the landlord; there must something done to fix this.

Young man, I’m sorry about the noise & smell; it always happens this time of year; after all the building is on scared ground; the site where an old prison once stood. Built in the 1800’s & demolished in 1995; countless of prisoners were interrogated, abused, tortured & executed without mercy.  During the American war it was called the Hanoi Hilton

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The conflict between Vietnam & the United States took place 1955-1975

known as the Vietnam War in the United States.

In Vietnam the conflict is known as the American War

 What Pegman Saw writing challenge.

 The idea is to use a Google maps image and/or location as the prompt for crafting a piece of flash fiction no more than 150 words long.


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