Came in after a regular day doing my gov’t bureaucratic work; I sat down in the recliner to relax and to do some meditation /self-hypnosis. I started off with some deep breathing and the I couted down from 100, at some point before I had reached 50, I felt the chair stated to rock; it was as though the chair was pulled towards the glass table; I could feel the table’s metal frame on my feet. Then I heard a voice and the voice told me to walk into the dark passage. I stood up and I went into a doorway; it was dark and I could not see anything. The voice instructed me to keep walking. After what felt to be a few minutes, I entered into an environment of a street market; I saw two men with swords, we were in front of a street merchant’s stall, and I found that I was arguing with them. It was as though I done something, and I was denying it. Then I moved on to another street merchant’s stall. At this location, I saw that a man had robbed the street merchant, and killed him with his sword. I drew my sword and killed the robber. Afterwards, the two men with whom I was arguing with came to the location; they asked what happened and I told them. Then they said that they did not believe me. They said that I probably killed both men for no reason and that if there was a robbery, I was the robber. Then they grabbed me; each man had an arm. I could not fight them, because they immobilized me when they grabbed each of my arms. They took me somewhere… At that point I was back in the room sitting in the chair.

It seemed that the two men where some sort of law enforcement officers, also it looked like I had a run into them before.

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