area 51

NASA operations have just translated a transmission of unknown origin that was recorded on June 14, 1947; Area 51 vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico:

Mothership, this is Rescue 1 over. Rescue 1 this Mothership, over. Mothership, we’ve located the wreckage; break… it is on the 3rd plant from the sun; break… there is life on the planet; break… they’ve found the wreckage; break… instructions; over. Rescue 1 don’t do anything; break… observe; copy; over. Roger that Mothership; Rescue 1 out.

Expedition 5, this is Mothership, over. Mothership this is Expedition 5, over. Expedition 5 your mission is to infiltrate; break…study inhabitants; break…abduct individuals for medical examination; break… wipe their minds of the experience; break… FYI, the planet’s governments are concealing our existence; break… if their forces happen to capture you; break… you’re on your own; copy, over…Roger that Mothership; Expedition 5 we’ll infiltrate, study, abduct, cleanse mind.. Expedition 5 out.

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