This experience started off when I heard some music from a popular artist that I often listen too. While that song was playing I found that I was in an apartment building entering one of the apartments and looking out window from the front room, I could see the government assistance Center that I worked at as a government bureaucrat across the street. This particular one is located three blocks from Union Square in Manhattan. There was a record store located next to the government building. Outside the record store there were some tables there were set up with other merchandise on them. I found that I was in the store and it seemed that I could get any type of music from any genre that I was looking for, however there was some details of this store and events that took place that are so distorted that I cannot consciously piece them together.

Nevertheless I found myself back in the apartment across the street from the government building and my Director Mr. J appeared in front of me and he had blood coming out of his mouth. I asked Mr. J, “Why do you have blood coming out of your mouth?” Then I put my arm on his shoulder while I asked him that question. He turned around and when he faced me again the blood had been cleaned up and only a trickle was left on his chin that looked like he had cut himself shaving.

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