I saw that I was in the hallway of my Junior High School building. I went to the back stair case where the lights were smashed out leaving the staircase dark. I remembered that unsavory characters lay in wait for someone to mug.  In reality the dark stair well existed; however I was never mugged in that dark stairwell, the dream mirrored that fact.

I went in the stair case to go downstairs and when I came out on the first floor, and I was walking with a former girlfriend. I could not place who she was; I just had the feeling that she was a former girlfriend.

 We went outside the school building and went in the nearby subway, took the train and got out on a street that resembled Delancey Street in Lower East Side of Manhattan. During the time when I was in High School Delancey Street was a market where you could get clothes and leather coats at discount prices. Often, you could negotiate and pay what you could afford.

While walking with my unidentified former girlfriend, we passed someone who resembled a Gypsy fortune teller; she kept a large book. She opened the book and I was shown my signature that I signed in the book years ago. I was kind of thrilled that after all these years I could turn the pages of the book and see where I signed it. Then we went into another stall, where there was another book. Then my unidentified girlfriend’s identity was revealed. It was that of a fellow government bureaucrat co-worker of mine L.D who I have a very good friendship with. In fact we were going to date.  But in this dream I felt that we were in some sort of committed relationship.

 She opened this large book ledger and put a pledge of some sort to a demon. I could not make out the name of the demon, the words pledged to pay homage and do the deeds of the demon. After she signed her name with the pen, she pricked her finger and sealed and certified the pledge and signature with her blood. Then she past the pen to me and said if I loved her and wanted to be with her that I should sign the book.

 I was reluctant to sign the book and was not keen on pledging myself to anyone especially to a demon. She was looking at me to sign the book, and I didn’t want to disappoint her; I held the pen in my hand, and it darned on me that L D had two other lovers who died.

My thoughts were that her other lovers that died may have signed their name in the book; and that L D may be a Black Widow. Still I did not want to sign the book, and was looking for an excuse not to sign it.

L D was pushing me hard to sign it. I did not want to disappoint her, but I had to think of a way to get out from signing the book. There was no way out. Then I saw some people passing by that we both knew, I told L D to look out the door, isn’t that what’s her name. L D looked in that direction and she was talking to the unknown figure that I felt that we knew.

While L D was distracted and the Gypsy looking person was holding the book for me to make a pledge and sign and seal the signature with my blood. I took the book and made my pledge. I wrote:

 “ I True_George being of sound mind I have free will and will never pay homage or do the bidding  of any being; extra physical being or otherwise; whether they are man, god or demon…” with that rejection pledge I signed my name and sealed it with my blood. When LD turned around and saw what I did, she was not happy. I told her that if she knew me she would have known my position and that I would never give up myself especially to a demon.  

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