Ship to Stern

In this one the dream seemed to take place in the future where the way we traveled changed. Traveling is now done by some type of teleport system. However I discovered some sort of a loop hole in the teleport system; I found that I could travel internationally without showing a passport.

 I wanted to travel to Europe, so I went to the transport system port and told the counter person that I was traveling to Texas, but once I got in the teleport tube, I told the operator that I want to go to Paris, France. I was teleported, but instead of ending up in Paris, I was teleported on a ship.

The ship was sailing to France and I found that I was traveling with an unidentified female. The ship was sailing smoothly, me and the unidentified female decided to go to the upper deck. I told the Captain that we will be climbing the ladder up to the ship’s upper deck. I got on the ladder and the unidentified female got on the other side of the ladder and as we started to climb approaching the ship’s upper deck water began to fill up from the lower deck. The water was up to our shoulders. The more we climbed the higher the water level got until it was over our heads. Yet, when I raised my hand over my head it was above the water. Yet our heads could not break the water’s surface.

Then I saw that we were both in the sea in front of the ship’s stern. A net was lowered and the unidentified female was plucked out the water. Then the net was lowered to pluck me out the water. But for some reason I wasn’t captured by the net. I was hanging from the ships stern, until the ship came to land and dropped me off on the land.

I had some sort of ring on, and then an unidentified business man appeared to me and said that he will finance my ideas.    

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