Preventive Measures

In this time of uncertainty, excitement and fear concern the new plague we call the Corona-Virus; information that clams to prevent one from getting infected has been floating around.

There have been claims that the Chinese have a handle on the virus; that through autopsies of the victims they have learned how the virus works.

It is said that the Chinese learned that the virus obstruct respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies blocking the airways and lungs. Before a treatment could be applied, the airways need to be unblocked. Yet, before the unblocking of the airways could be completed, it will take a number of days. The recommendations are to prevent the buildup of mucus. This can be done by drinking lots of hot liquids; such as coffee, teas, soups or warm water. In addition to this, take a sip of warm water every twenty minutes. The reason for drinking warm water every twenty minutes is to keep the mouth moist and to wash elements of the virus into the stomach, where the stomach acids will neutralize it before the virus can get to your lungs. Another method is gaggle with an antiseptic with warm water. The antiseptic could be something like vinegar, salt, or lemon. Gaggling needs to be done every day, if possible.  

The Chinese purported that the virus attaches itself to clothes, the good news to this is that any detergent or soap will kill the virus; if clothes cannot be washed every day, just hang them in the sun where will neutralize the virus. One should take a shower or bath when they come in from the street. It is not recommended to sit down to relax as soon as you come in, but take that bath or shower first.    

Wash metallic surfaces because the virus could stay on metallic surfaces for up to nine days. Be vigilant about touching handrails and door knobs, etc. Smoking will enable the virus. Wash hands every twenty minutes using any type of foaming soap. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, elevate your zinc levels.

If you have pets, or live around any animal. There is no need to worry. The whole Corona-Virus is spread through human to human contact; you cannot get the virus from animals other than our fellow humans.   

One should attempt not to contract the flu or common cold; if you feel that you have or are going to have a sore throat. This must be attacked immediately because the virus will stay there for three days before moving on to your lungs. Use methods that will elevate sore throat conditions.

There is another method; it is based on the principles of what is written above.

In this method, it is designed to kill the Corona-virus. Even though the virus is airborne and contagious, it is not a hard virus to kill. It is just that a vaccine has not been developed yet.

The virus, thrives in cool temperatures; now since the body’s temperature is 98.5 degrees, this means that the virus will incubate in cooler areas in the body.

The areas that the virus will incubate are within then nose and throat where it is a lot cooler before moving onto the lungs as mucus.

The easier ways to kill the virus is to use heat, like steam to flush the nasal cavity; this will loosen up the mucus, in your nose, and throat areas. Inhaling steam will also flush mucus or any other foreign substances from your lungs.

Just boil hot water use citrus peels, and onions. You may use sea salts. Inhale the steam for at least fifteen minutes.  The heat from the steam will kill the virus.

Now True_George knows that here are people out there that do not want to take responsibilities for their actions. They take the above explanation and apply it incorrectly, or don’t have the success that they would like. Those sums of bitches will want to sue and making the courts rule that True_George is responsible for their own short comings and failures. Understand that  True_George is not a medical Doctor, or purport to have a cure for the Corona-Virus. This is True_George’s disclaimer. Use the information as you feel fit.          


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