On this particular day; when I woke up and found that I was going to be late for work. I immediately got up showered and went to my car. I was driving down the block to an intersection. I turned left and found that I was going the wrong way and busy traffic was coming my direction. Since I was still in the intersection I reversed and turned the car around which turned into a bike. I went through the light which was turning read, and when I went through the red light camera snapped a picture of my bike going through.

I thought nothing of it but then I was pulled over by a cop. He asked for my license, and said to turn off the motor bike. I told the cop that the bike is not motorized and I showed him the pedals. By that time the bike looked like the Raleigh chopper bike that I used to have during my childhood years. The cop had his note book out, but said that I should come with him.

We entered a coffee shop. The coffee shop resembled the one that used to be around the corner during the 1990’s. I even saw the same cook making customized breakfast for the shop’s customers. The cop took a table and ordered breakfast. I was told to stand by his table.

The cop’s partner showed up.  He took the computer from the patrol car and sat down at the table. He asked for my name then asked for my social security number, I gave him the first three numbers, when he said “don’t tell me anymore, the computer knows the rest.” I was looking over his shoulder and I saw that when he put in the first three numbers of the social security number, the computer pre-filled in the rest.

I saw the computer search through similar names then I saw my name. I didn’t say anything, but the computer went past my name and stopped at another person’s name. The Cop with the computer asked if I was Willie the last name was not recalled. I told the cop I was not that person. So the cop pressed a button and the computer was doing another search.  Again the computer bypassed my name and stopped at a different name I told the cop again it wasn’t my name; so he did another search.

While that third search was going on, and I was looking over his shoulder at the computer, I started to see familiar names. It was the same names I saw on the data base that I use at my job as a gov’t bureaucrat. I recognized that all the city’s computers have the same data base. Then I said, I see you’re using the data base.  The Cop wasn’t too pleased when I said that. He decided to put me in cuffs.

The first cop was socializing and he had a double cigar in his mouth. He didn’t care what his partner was doing. The partner took my bike and folded it up and put it under the table. He said that he is keeping the bike. I told him that the bike is an antique, that the bike isn’t made anymore and that it is inappropriate that he should keep it. 

 The cop started to become impolite and something was mentioned that I will be suspended from my position as a gov’t bureaucrat. He went as far as saying that I had drugs.

I looked at the badge number and name of the cop, just in case I need to file a complaint.  Then he called a Cop supervisor, and when the supervisor showed up I saw it was Sgt. R who was in my National Guard unit and was deployed with me to Iraq.  R greeted me and the cops told him why they had me in cuffs. R told them that I was innocent; he said that I’m not into drugs and to just issue a ticket for the red light….

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