Before lying down I was thinking to go and move my car by 9:30 am. The next thing that I know it was 9:35 am; I looked out the window to see if I got a ticket. When I looked out the window I saw that the whole street has changed. I saw no cars parked on the correct side of the street; the only thing I saw was that parking meters were being installed; and that the DOT hung up fliers on the lampposts notifying the street’s residences about the change. I looked across the street where my car is parked. I saw that there was no ticket on the window and that the Construction workers cars were parked. I thought to myself that I still have time to move the car since my car is not the only car still parked on the wrong side of the street.

I quickly put on my jeans to go outside. But I was distracted by some guests; they were talking about the change on the block. I looked out the window again and saw that a Citi bike station was set up. Bikes were available; but one of the guests said that they cannot afford the Citi bike.

 The other guest said come on now, it isn’t expensive. They are charging 45 cents if you use it for less than an hour. I said that’s not bad I can bike it to down town to my work sites at the gov’t building in less than an hour. But there is a set up that no one will be able to park on the block without feeding the parking meters. I may have to get rid of my car. But every time I go and try to sell it; the car dealers are always asking if I want to trade it in. Most car dealers in the city is going out of business because the parking spaces are being taken up.

Then I found myself putting on my jeans but I didn’t have the belt; so I dug under a pile of clothes and found a pair of jeans with the belt.  After I put on the jeans and before going downstairs; I opened the front door to my apartment and before I went through; I was told by the guests that the light is dim and that I should ask my father to fix it. I told them we’ve been wondering for years why the light is dim and we tried to fix it in the past but the light is still dim. I guess I would ask my father to look at it again.  

I went down stairs I stopped and was reading the posters that the DOT put on the lampposts. I saw the new parking regulation sign posted above the posters. I looked at the posters to see what it said I saw that the posters contained no information on the new parking regulations.

The first poster says that 50% of you living on the block will leave that we should get insurance and when I turned the poster around I saw that state farm is looking for agents. I thought maybe I should get back into the insurance business. The people in the insurance business who I was dealing with a couple of years ago like Derick , and that church woman were older and more experienced than me. Now that I’m older and have more sales experience perhaps I could fare better.

Then someone standing next to me said 50% of us is leaving the block! Maybe we should protest. I said yeah, maybe we should.  Then the streets were suddenly filled with protestors.

I turned the poster again and found that there was an advertisement. I said to myself, these posters are saying nothing. When I turned to cross the street to move my car I saw a DOT vehicle behind my car and a ticket on the window screen. I got mad and said they always are there at the last minute. So I decide to leave the car where it was since I already got a ticket.

I went and continued to read the posters on the lamppost. By this time the protesters disappeared. Then I saw someone removing a tire off my car. I ran over and said yo, what are you doing! He kept taking the tire and tried to run away with it. When I caught up with him the tire was on his back and his arms were behind his back through the hole; he was lying face down on the ground.

I took my tire off him and hit him in the head with the tire. He got up and asked me why I did that and now he has a head ache. I said that for taking my tire. I went back to the car and saw that another tire was been taken. So I went to the trunk to pull out the spare. I took the jack out the trunk, when someone asked me if I’m linked to this car; I said yes. Then he told me that a couple of guys have some of my car parts on the roof.

When I looked at my car again I saw that inside the car was stripped of some stuff and was bare. Now I don’t know if I should get my gun and go to the roof to take back the car parts or just let them have it since the car can still start and run.

I know if I leave to go up to the roof after the car parts that people on the ground will strip what is left of the car. I began to ask myself, how they made the decision to strip my car. I was still complicating what I should do….     

When I got up out the bed to go to the next room; the images of the dream was still in my mind and I could still see the pictures in my head. I saw that I did get my gun and went after the guys on the roof; then the images slowly faded away…

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